Artist Alley

Dutch Comic Con brings fans and artists together. Comic illustrators, Youtube celebrities, authors of all kinds, performers and perhaps even a special kind of artist...

Check out below our guest list for different artists!

Artists in the Experience Hall

The experience hall is where we bring the fans together with their biggest idols. Famous artists and actors, but also a lot of great stands to entertain you with their amazing content. 

Comic Illustrators and Artists

Rodney Ramos

Michiel Offerman

Steve Scott

Mark van Herpen

Gus Vazquez

Romano Molenaar

Authors and Writers

Zen Cho

Vic James

Laura Lam

N.J. Simmonds

Sam Maggs

J├╝rgen Snoeren

Other Artists attending the show

Kenny Rubenis - Dating for Geeks

Lectrr - Harakiwi