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Cosplay & Fan Meet Ups

At Heroes Dutch Comic Con, fans of a certain theme, brand or character can meet each other at a so-called Cosplay & Fan Meet Ups. Taking (group) photos and meeting other people with the same interest are two main reasons to attend. Cosplay & Fan Meet Ups are not organized by Heroes Dutch Comic Con, but by fans. Heroes Dutch Comic Con only has a facilitating role in these activities.

Would like to organize a Cosplay & Fan Meet Up yourself? Register by clicking on the link below.




Entry close to Fontai
 Fandom                                                               Organizer
 12:00 Bendy meet up   Kyle Bufferzone
 13:00  Danganronpa classtrial (signup closed)  Ray Bufferzone
 13:00  League of Legends  Djenniverse  Bufferzone
 13:00  Love Live!   Xiaoni Bufferzone
 13:00  Cells at work meet  Kim & Suze Bufferzone
 13:00 Once Upon a Time meet up  Mariska Bufferzone 
 13:30  Marvel vs DC meet up  Marleine Bufferzone
 13.00 RWBY meet up  Dani Bufferzone 
 14:00  Avengers Assemble  Marvel Cosplay NL
 14:00 Kingdom Hearts  Cyndi & Jeremy Bufferzone 
 14:00  Overwatch meet up    Danny  Bufferzone
 14:00 Royal disney princess meet up   Cosplay_fryslân  Bufferzone 
 14:30 Boku No Hero Academia meet  Just add Fantasy Bufferzone 
 15:00  Wizarding World meet up  Jeffrey  Bufferzone
 15:00 Danganronpa meet    Ray Bufferzone
 15:00 Arkham Asylum Shoot   Arkham Asylum Bufferzone
 15:00 Critical role meet up  May Cosplay Bufferzone 
 16.00 Voltron meet up  Lieke and Kath Bufferzone 



Entry close to Fontai
 Fandom                                                                 Organizer                  
11:30  BNHA meet  Rianne  Bufferzone
13:00  Danganronpa meet   Ray  Bufferzone
14:00  Avengers Assemble   Marvel Cosplay NL 
14:30 Boku No Hero Academia meet  
 Just add Fantasy
15:00 Marvel vs DC meet up   Jeffrey  Bufferzone 
15:00 Arkham Asylum Shoot  Arkham Asylum Bufferzone
15:00 Critical role meet up   May Cosplay Bufferzone  

 Boku no Hero Academia Meet (part 1 - stage)
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