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Fan Village

Are you a fan of a certain franchise, character, game, serie or movie? Then you should come and visit the Fan Village at Heroes Dutch Comic Con. At every edition several fan clubs are present. 


Would you like to be present with your fan club?


Present fanclubs during the spring edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con 2019:

Dutch Garrison

Dutch Garrison is part of the world wide Star Wars Costuming community the 501st Legion. In their screen-accurate Star Wars costumes the members of the Dutch Garrison promote and raise funds for several charities with their appearances at events. These truly are the “ Bad Guys Doing Good”.The Dutch Garrison is present along with their sister groups the Rebels Legion and the Mandalorian Mercs. With over 50 cosplayers in costume you will meet a full range of characters from all across the Star Wars universe. Besides Stormtroopers, Tie-pilots and Biker-scouts you will also find some Jedi and a lot of bounty hunters. Their booths will display some unique props such as 501st Legion approved helmets, self-made costume parts and blasters. 


Fan of LEGO? Then we have some good news! Because this year the Brickboys are back at Heroes Dutch Comic Con. They will show you the most fantastic projects again, but you can also build something yourself. Do you think LEGO is just as cool as the Brickboys think, then you should definitely visit their stand.

The Cosplay Medics

Broken armor or a suit that is tearing apart? Don’t Panic! You should definitely walk past the booth of the Cosplay Medics! They are present to help all the cosplayers who have struggles with their cosplay outfit and will help you repair it. This way every cosplayer can continue shining during Heroes Dutch Comic Con!

Ghostbusters Dutch Division

The Ghostbusters Dutch Division is a Ghostbusters fan group from The Netherlands. Each member of the Ghostbusters Dutch Division has equipped the ghostbusters gear for researching, capturing and catching supernatural phenomena .

The Ghostbusters Dutch Division will bring a photobooth and also a collection of home-made replicas. Recently they have created a scale model of a film set. Of course, music and visual material from the films and series are a part of the show. As a visitor you can try and test your Ghostbuster skills get in the Ghostbusters Video Game!


Fan of the science fiction series Doctor Who? Then the Dutch TARDIS stand is definitely something for you! The Dutch TARDIS is an initiative of the Dutch Doctor Who fan club DTTA (Dutch Time Travelers Association) and Imagicon. It is a meeting place organized for and by whovians.

Doctor Who is a British science fiction series about an alien time traveler (The Doctor) who often travels through time and space together with travel companions and experiences adventures. The BBC broadcast this series from 1963 to 1989. The series got a restart in 2005 and is the longest running science fiction series in the world. Doctor Who is very popular and gets more and more fans in the Netherlands.

With this stand you can take pictures with a life-sized TARDIS, tinker, find fellow Doctor Who cosplayers and play the Doctor Who werewolves game.

Predators of the Earth

Predators of the Earth is a Fanclub for the Predator films. The first film of the Predators has been released in 1987, but the predators are still very popular. A new film was released last September.

Are you a true fan of the predator films or just curious? Then you should take a look at Predators of the Earth. Here you will find the almost lifelike predators, namely Sankyaut and Valak. In addition to these cosplay outfits they will have several fun elements on the show.

R2 Builders Club

The R2 Builders are an international group of fans with a shared passion for the droids from the Star Wars universe. The more than 5000 members worldwide have been building replicas of the 'Astromechs' used in the film for many years. These replicas are so similar to the original that some of the built droids are even used in the films! This year there will be some Dutch and Belgian builders at HDCC for the first time, so visitors can get to know more about the R2 Builders Club and can get picture with R2-D2 and BB-8.

Sakura Kai

In 1997 Sakura Kai started as a student sports club Nami Kai, for practicing the Japanese budo (martial arts) kendo (sword fighting) & naginata (halberd fight). More recently, they have become a general sports association, to make the sports more accessible to non-students. Kendo and naginata are centuries-old Japanese martial arts based on the techniques of samurai. Kendo is the "way of the sword" and naginata is fighting with the Japanese halberd. Curious about these martial arts, take a look at Sakura Kai, or follow one of the workshops they are organizing.

The Flying Dutch

The Flying Dutch is an association that is actively involved with the legendary science fiction series Star Trek, which was shown on TV in 1966 for the first time. The fan club TFD was founded in 1984 and since then it has been the informative contact for everything that has to do with Star Trek. What began with meetings in attic rooms in the 80’s, The TFD grew in the 90s into a large national association. With an active volunteer group, the TFD has been working for the promotion of Star Trek for years. TFD publishe its own Dutch-language magazine several times a year, organizes meetings and visits trade fairs throughout the country.

Do you want to know more about the series? Share your opinion? Cozy talk about Star Trek? Become a member of our association? Then come to the cosplay stand of The Flying Dutch at Heroes Dutch Comic Con.

Live Long and Prosper!


A lot of fans are walking around in costumes from the Wizarding World at events. WizardWear was founded to bring these people together, to share interest and to help each other. With a passion for the costumes and props from the Harry Potter world they regularly meet at different events, this time it would be Heroes Dutch Comic Con.

Are you a fan of Harry Potter and everything that goes with it? Then you are at the right address at WizardWear! Come earning house points, eating Bertie Bott's, have a nice photo taken in our free photobooth or take a look at our collection of props and replicas.

Zwaard & Steen

At Zwaard & Steen European medieval martial arts are practiced with the European longsword since 2003. Zwaard & Steen has grown into a school that offers space to more than 120 students spread over Nieuwegein and Rotterdam.

Practicing European medieval martial arts is a combination of sport, movement and deepening in the old fighting styles. An unique experience where gaining knowledge goes hand in hand with building a good condition and self-confidence.

Are you curious about Zwaard & Steen? Then take a look or join one of the workshops that will be given by them.

3D Props NL

3D PropsNL is a company that focuses on making Stars Wars props, through 3D printers and 3D design. You can leave all your ideas and designs at 3DPropsNL, they are always in for inspiration from others.
They have made an awesome collection of blasters, especially for their fans. Are you curious about their collection of blasters or are you more interested about their 3D printers and design? Take a look at the stand of 3D PropsNL.

The Dutch Fredette vs Jason

You can completely imagine yourself in the world of Cosplay inside the booth of The Dutch Fredette vs. Jason. The Dutch Fredette started her hobby when friends asked her to greasepaint them for a Halloween party. She has been a cosplayer for a while now. A few of her creations are Billy the Puppet and Freddy Krueger.

On a perfect day as Friday the thirteenth she met "her" Jason in the biggest haunted house of the Benelux. This day the idea was born to cosplay together. You can find The Dutch Fredette vs Jason in the Fan Village during Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Here you can take a photo with self-made Freddy vs Jason props.

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