Cosplay Meet & Greet

Get the chance to meet all the Cosplayers below on Dutch Comic Con! These cosplayers will be there for you in the Cosplay Meet & Greet stand in the Entertainment Hal. They are ready for your questions, photo's and small talks. 

Poisoned Diamond

We are Poisoned Diamond, a Cosplay duo since 2016 with Anna Creation/Productions and Teenjuwel Cosplay. Anna favorite things about Cosplay, is that she can make new friends, share interests with others and the overal good vibes. She loves performance and Cosplay sure has some activities in that category. Teenjuwel adores making costumes and Cosplay challanges her to keep progressing. She also enjoys the ambiance at conventions, talking about mutual interests and just rock out without having to contain herself too much. 
We both love performing and both adore musicals. We interact very well with eachother during the entire proces from thinking of an act until performing that act. We compete in cosplay cometitions for 2 years now and eventhough comedy suits us well, we certainly won't avoid serious acts!

Sammy Cosplay

I started cosplaying after I went to one convention. I wanted to be part of this big community where everyone can dress up as their hero and be it!  I’ve always been creative so this was new challenge for me to see if I could also make costumes and become the character. I’m still learning a lot because I’m still reactively new to cosplay since I started in the summer of 2016. The most fun about cosplay is making the costumes because I like to work with my hands and create. This is an amazing and fun way to show my creativity and meet new people who have the same interests. Cosplay is just so much fun and that’s the most important part to me, to have fun.

Saskia Lillith

Saskia Lillith is not only Cosplayer, but also Photographer, model and Tattoo artist. With her special view of the world she knows how to capture art in the form of Cosplays, photos and tattoos and she wants to share her tips with pleasure to ensure that everyone gets his / her creative self up.
From an early age I am interested in creating a reality / dream world in a photo. I am often inspired by fairy tales, movie characters, etc. I started cosplay for comic cons last year. But it is really nice to be a totally different person for a day than in daily life.


Multifluffyness is the Dutch most followed plus-size cosplayer. She has been strong for Body positivity for years and is always ready to motivate, help or support others. She has been making her own cosplays since 1.5 years and can not wait to share her tips and experiences in the field of social media and "being happy with yourself" with you.

I will introduce myself. I am a cosplayer, gamer, geek called multifluffyness, or at least that is how I introduce myself on social media pages. My real name is Samantha. I started cosplaying 24 years and 8 years ago. My first convention was Abunai and Lara Croft was the first cosplay. As I said I am a game enthusiast, my characters are often inspired by game & comic characters. The nicest badass women who are confident and also radiate. That fits with how I describe myself and what I like to show to the outside world. I speak a lot about body positivity and that you can cosplay whatever you want, regardless of your looks, background or whatever. Be yourself and do what you like, at least that is what I do. This is certainly not always easy in the world where we live now. Often there is a picture of how you should look and what you have to do to belong to it. Nonsense! Everyone is unique and does not have to look in a certain way. I am stubborn and cosplay what I want. I hope that I can inspire people to do the same! Trust me when I say that I have had enough negative comments. I always say one ear in another ear. This says a lot more about the other than about yourself. I have to be content about myself, not the people around me.
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