Gaming Stage

The Gaming Stage has a full programme with all kinds of exciting and interesting panels!

The Stage will host the exciting finals of our esport competitions, several demos will be held on the stage and SAE will run four tutorials during the event.
More to come!


The Gaming Stage will be hosted by Twitch streamer MSSH!

Attention Inklings! The Official Dutch Splatoon 2-Championship welcomes all Inklings to compete for the title!

Nintendo is looking for the best Splatoon 2 Squid team in the Netherlands. Do you think you're up for the challenge? Check out here how you can qualify for the tournament. 

The finales take place on the Gaming Stage!

  • Sunday November 19th, 2017 - 13:00 - 14:30


Take note! Splatoon 2 will only be playable for those who qualified themselves for the tournament. 

Game Development in Unity

Always wanted to know more about game development? Attend this Masterclass by SAE and you will learn the ins-and-outs of development in the Unity game engine. Next to a brief overview of how a game is created, this masterclass will delve deep into the topics of graphics and programming. 

A must for any aspiring game designer or for those interested in working with the Unity engine. 

Timetable: to be announced.







Spline Modeling in 3ds Max

3D modelling has seen a rise in popularity in recent years, but it is not an easy hobby to get into. This Masterclass by SAE focusses entirely on spline modelling in the 3ds Max environment. The focus of the Masterclass lies in creating complicated 3D models in a simple way. Expect amazing tips and tricks for your first steps into the world of 3D modelling. From wineglasses and cowboy hats to chandeliers and even the blueprint of a house, several tutorials for models will be featured during this Masterclass. 

If you want to try out your skills in 3D modelling, you can not miss this Masterclass!

Timetable: to be announced


A good story is carried by its characters.  This Masterclass: Drawing by SAE will focus on the design of characters. From creating the basic character concept art and character outline, to filling in all the details of their design. Afterwards, to set your character within its world, you will need to bring in light and shadow, so it won't appear flat.  

Less techy and more all-round, the Masterclass will interest all kinds of (comic) artists, graphic designers and alike. This might even interest some of the (LA)RPGers looking for tips and tricks on creating their NPCs! ;)

Timetable: to be announced.







3D Sculpting

3D sculpting and rendering has become more and more prominent within the industry. During the Masterclass: 3D sculpting by SAE, the audience will learn all about sculpting shapes using the V-Ray tool within the Maya programme. Learn how to create high quality renders by one of the leading parties in the industry. Learn to add texture to your renders with the Stamp tool.

Attend this Masterclass if you're interested in 3D sculpting in general or want to learn more about the V-Ray and Maya.

Timetable: to be announced

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