Super Smash Bro

Feeling nostalgic? Super Smash Bro goes beyond your age. Since it release on the N64, kids and adults have had fun with this classic Nintendo game! Now you can show off your skills during Dutch Comic Con! Test your hand-eye coordination in the Super Smash Bro stand against other visitors and see who comes out on top!

Smash or get smashed!

Pro Tournament


  • The tournament starts at 11:00. Don't be late!
  • Players have to buy a ticket for the tournament in advance.


  • #1 - € 500,- + winner Saturday returns to compete with winner Sunday in grand finale! 
  • #2 - € 300,-
  • #3 - € 200,-

Winner Saturday returns to compete with winner Sunday in grand finale!


  • Stock & time:  4 stock, 8 minutes for Singles
  • Items are set to OFF
  • All sets are best­-of-­3 except for the following matches of the final bracket which are best­-of-­5: Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals.

Read all the rules here

Sign up for the Pro Tournament of Smash Melee at Dutch Comic Con!

Casual Tournament

During the event, we'll host several casual tournaments. Players can sign up for those tournaments at Dutch Comic Con. These tournaments will take about an hour, leaving you enough time to enjoy the rest of our show. First come, first serve!

Time Table


  • 14:00 - 15:30
  • 16:00 - 17:30


  • 15:00 - 16:30


In need of a rest during our show? Why not sit down in our Gaming Area with your friends and play one of the games available at our show. There is no better way to take a break, than to enjoy a game of Super Smash Melee with your friends!

If there is a spot available during or between the different tournaments, feel free to sit down with your friends and play one or two games before you guys continue and enjoy the rest of the Dutch Comic Con show! 

Buy your ticket for the Pro Tournament!

TAKE NOTE! This ticket grants you access to a Pro Tournament to your choosing. Tickets are valid for one person only.
You still need a regular Entrance ticket to enter Dutch Comic Con.


Do you encounter any issues with your tickets or do you have a question about your order? 
Please contact the customer service of Paylogic and they will help you out!


Please fill in the right data when you personalise your E-ticket. In case the name of the ticket has to be adjusted (in case you want to go to Dutch Comic Con with someone else) you can do so here.This costs €2,50 per ticket.

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