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Q&A Paul van Loon

Paul van Loon is a writer of books for children from 5 to 99 years. Somewhat younger and slightly older children may also read his books. Paul van Loon is best known for his books about the Griezelbus and Dolfje Weerwolfje. He loves spookel stories, crazy stories and grumor stories (that's a combination of the first two). Paul van Loon takes the ideas for his stories from the Other Reality, a term that you will often encounter when you read his books.Paul van Loon thinks it is most important that children read their books with pleasure. In September the last Dolf Werwolfje book appeared: GriezelWielen. 

Ask all your questions at this Q&A!

Writers workshop 2.0

Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Dr Who, all these successful series have one similarity: without writers they would not exist. What could be more exciting than inventing your own world from scratch, bursting with lifelike characters that make your heart (and hopefully the hearts of a large crowd of readers) beat faster?

Jasper Polane (Empty cities), Sophia Drenth (Blood laws) and Roderick Leeuwenhart (Peanut butter and Sushi) welcome you to 'Schrijvers 2.0'. During this informative panel, followed by a Q & A, you can watch in the kitchen of these writers and ask them the bulk of their lives.

During the panel they pay attention to the following topics: How do you write a natural dialogue? What are the possibilities to spend your work in 2018? And where do you get ideas from as a writer?

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