Get to know someone at Dutch Comic Con 2018!

That's right! The Speed Date sessions will take place during the Dutch Comic Con 2018, allowing some of our visitors to have a chance and meet new people. Are you single and looking to spend the holidays in good company? Be sure to get your ticket before the sessions are sold out! We organise sessions for heteros and gays.

The Speed Date sessions are hosted by The Love Doctor, who specialises in geek dating. 

Looking to meet your match at Dutch Comic Con? Sign up below and join the Speed Date sessions!

Speeddate Rules

1. Read the Rules!
You can read the rules here. They are of effect for the entire session. 

2. Register!

Sign up for the Speed Date session of your choice. Of course, you will need an entry ticket to Dutch Comic Con. 

3. Be present!

Two makes a date. Without you, there will be no-one to date. Make sure you are on time for the session. 

4. During the Speed Date

  • During the heterosexual sessions; the women remain seated, while the men rotate. For other sessions we make custom groups.
  • You have around 3 to 5 minutes for each encounter, depending on the amount of participants.
  • You will receive several ice-breakers, questions that you can ask to get the conversation going.
  • When the host gives the signal, you stop the conversation and you go to the next encounter.
  • Don't forget to write on your Matching Form whether you like the person or not, after your meeting.
  • When all participants have reached their original starting spot, the session ends. Be sure to fill in your paper completely and hand it over to the hosts. 

5. Matching!
When the Speed Date session is over, the hosts will analyse the papers. If you ticked 'Yes' after meeting person X, and person X ticked 'Yes' for the same session, we have a match!

The hosts will send you the contact info of your match, and your match will receive yours.

6. And then, it's up to you!
We can't do all the work for you. After the session is over and the match is made, it's up to you two to hit it off! Good luck and have fun! 


 "After the speed date sessions on the Sunday of Dutch Comic Con, one of the participants I talked to introduced me to her friend. That was a bulls-eye shot, and we had such a great click that Gwen and I have been together for a while now!

We both love animals, play a lot of games and feel comfortable enough in each other's company to be ourselves. We do not live near each other but what is a 90 minute drive, if you know who is waiting at the other end of the journey? Exactly!"

- Emiel & Gwen -


"I signed up for the early morning Speed Date. It seemed to me like a fun way to meet women who share some of my interests. You had a couple of minutes per date and after that, you went straight on to the next. After a week we received the contact information from our matches. One of them answered very spontaneous. We had such a good match that we soon started a relationship. The speed date was a great success, for the both of us. A relaxed environment to meet new people. I recommend to try it out!"


- Frederik & Tessa - 


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