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Howard Chaykin

Howard Chaykin is coming to Heroes Dutch Comic Con

The longtime veteran of the comic book business, Howard Victor Chaykin, will be present at the largest Comic Con in The Netherlands 23 and 24 March!
In the early 1970s he began with his illustrations for "War of the Worlds" for Marvel Comics and "Sword of Sorcery" for DC Comics. Over the years, he has freelanced for numerous comic-book publishers and has worked on some of the most popular series, as well as creating several of his own.

As a cartoonist - both writing and drawing - he has been a major influence on the direction of comics, referred to frequently as one of the principle architects of the modern comic book.  

His signature creation, AMERICAN FLAGG! introduced a new level of narrative complexity, depth of character, and point of view in its text, not to mention a previously unseen level of design and craft to the visual nature of an all too frequently staid and timid medium.  
He used the attention garnered from AMERICAN FLAGG! to generate a fifteen year career in unwatchable television, rising from Story Editor to Showrunner on mostly syndicated fantasy nonsense, as usual and as ever before the curve and before such a career would have had genuine value in the show business to both the industry and to himself.
Chaykin continues to produce work that pushes the envelope of concept, context and content in comics. In 2017’S THE DIVIDED STATES OF HYSTERIA for example, a comic book which, thanks to social media, enraged an entire new generation of the willfully ignorant who might have had a better case if they’d actually read the damned book.  

Chaykin’s 2018 series, HEY KIDS! COMICS!, is a fictionalized history of the comic book business, a love letter written with just a frisson of acid in the ink, to the field he’s loved and called home for over four decades.

2019 will see the third and final volume of the TIME(SQUARED) trilogy, entitled HALLOWED GROUND(ZERO)—as well as the sequel to THE DIVIDED STATES OF HYSTERIA, with a different title, in order to confuse the rabble (crowd/readers) who hated the first arc without reading it in the first place.

Commissions at Heroes Dutch Comic Con: 
Head and shoulders: €40,- 

For pre-commission work, please contact Howard through his social networks:
Facebook: howardvictorchaykin
Instragram: howardvictorchaykin

Interview with Howard Chaykin by Comic Book Syndicate

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