In 754 after Christ the monk Bonifatius was killed at Dokkum, according to historical sources by ‘barbarian’ warriors. Is he really murdered by a bunch of bloodthirsty savages or is that just the Christian version of the history? That’s the story of Redbad. The violent religious battle that took place at that period plays a prominent role in the film.

Roel Reiné

Roel Reiné was born in The Netherlands and with his first theatrical feature ‘The Delivery’ he won The Golden Calf for Best Director (the Dutch equivalent to an Academy Award). In 2005 Roel Reine has moved to Los Angeles and has directed now an impressive slate of 16 feature films for studios like Universal, 20th Century Fox, Sony and Lionsgate, as well with independent international producers. Roel is also the Director of Photography (Cinematographer) on all his movies and operates A-Camera.

Teaser of Redbad


Redbad, son of King Aldigsl,is doubting the outdated rituals of his people. He comes into conflict with his father when his girlfriend Fenne is appointed to be sacrificed to the gods. During the sacrificial ritual, the Franks enter the city.

The Frisii (also known as the "free people”) lose Dorestad. Redbads Uncle Eibert seizes the power and gives Redbad the blame of the defeat and death of his father.
Tied to a raft, Redbad is pushed into the sea to die. But Redbad survives and drifts ashore, the Vikings discover him.

In Denmark Redbad learns the power of his own culture. He is slowly taken into the clan of the vikings. He joined the Vikings after fighting against a rival clan of Svaers, he marries king’s Wiglek daughter. They then return to Dorestad, he discovers that his sister is married to the son of the Frankish king Pepijn van Herstal. During the yearly market he sees how priest Willibrord repents his sister by using violence and swears to liberate her. He cannot do this alone, but with the army of his uncle and cousin, but even then it does not seem strong enough to beat the franks.
During Heroes Dutch Comic Con Lisa Smit (portraying the role of Fenne) and Roel Reiné (director) will be present to tell their Redbad story! Moreover there is an exclusive trailer during the panel. 

Visit the Mainstage on Saturday 10:30 - 11:15 and Sunday 10:15 - 10:45!

Egbert-Jan Weeber

Egbert-Jan was born in Groningen in 1981. Egbert-Jan went straight from high school to the Theatre School in Groningen. At eighteen, he made his debut in “Uitgesloten”, a TV production about a boy who is “excluded” from the Jehovah’s Witness’ parish. Via supporting roles in a mass of in theatre-productions and TV-series like Finals (2000), Baantjer (1995) and small film productions, such as Anderland (2003) (dir. Arne Toonen), he quickly became the premier jeune of Dutch film. Egbert-Jan was nominated for a Golden Calf for his role as Jonathan Stork. Egbert-Jan co-starred with Netherland’s most popular actress Katja Schuurman, in Oesters van Nam Kee (2002). He also starred in ‘Van God Los’ (2003) and got great reviews. His friends may call him “Eggie” and he lives in Amsterdam.

Egbert-Jan will only be present at the 31st of March on Heroes Dutch Comic Con!

Lisa Smit

Lisa made her feature film debut as Liselore in ‘De Griezelbus’. Later she played in the psychological thriller ‘TBS’, ‘Shockling Blue’ and ‘One night stand mijn Marko’. In 2011 Lisa was cast for the German feature film ‘Quellen des Lebens’, directed by Oskar Roehler. Afterwards Lisa played in the movies ‘Jong’ and ‘Kenau’. In 2008 Lisa won the ‘Cosmo-Girl Born to Lead Award’ and she made it to the short list of the Rembrandt Awards.
In Redbad she portrays the role of Fenne. 

Britte Lagcher

Britte Lagcher graduated at the Amsterdam School of Performing Arts and Applied Arts in 2012 and has since been featured in various television series and films such as ‘Ramses’, ‘Vier Meter’, ‘Van God Los’, ‘Prooi’ and played a major role in the third season of ‘Overpel’. In 2017, Lagcher could be seen in the series ‘Suspects’, which was recorded without script. In addition to film and television, Britte plays regularly in theater performances. During her studies, she performed at Orkater. Since 2013 she has been featured in various productions of Beumer & Drost.
She portrays the role of SINDE in REDBAD. 

Britte will only be present at the 1st of April during Heroes Dutch Comic Con 2018!

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