The HDCC Proposal

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Jasper proposed to his girlfriend Denise on 9th of December. We as Heroes Dutch Comic Con were so lucky to help this lovely couple with their engagement. In this article, you will find the full video and story of how he did this.

We, the organisation of Heroes Dutch Comic Con, came across a special request in our mailbox on the 23rd of October. Namely, Jasper wanted to propose to his cosplaying girlfriend with the help of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Jasper explained that even though he is not a cosplayer himself that he still wanted to make this engagement special for her. He told us: ‘’ This is the best way to do this for her. She is always very enthusiastic about Heroes Dutch Comic Con and she loves Marvel films. When I propose to her like this, then I know she will say yes’’

The idea was that Heroes Dutch Comic Con would invite Denise for an exclusive photo shoot at the castle of Asten. By coincidence we just launched a new hashtag called #stillahero. This was the ideal way to get Denise to post something so that we could invite her without being suspicious. So jasper asked Amber (the best friend of Denise) to convince Denise to join the hashtag with their Captain America en Bucky cosplay. Naturally, this did not go to plan and it created that Amber needed to stalk Denise to post the photo. After a while, she posted the photo and from that moment on the plan could be commenced.

Quickly after it we send Denise and Amber a message that they had won an exclusive photoshoot from Heroes Dutch Comic Con at the castle of Asten. We told them that only the most original visitors who posted a picture with this hashtag would win a photoshoot with us. Luckily she reacted enthusiastically: ‘’ What a sweet message and what a cool initiative! I directly called Amber. We would LOVE to be part of it!!’’ and from jasper, we heard messages such as: ‘’ That all my hard work with my grandma on this costume three years ago could still bring this’’.

Then the 9th of December arrived. Full enthusiasm we saw Denise arriving. Not knowing that less than a half-hour ago her boyfriend was finding the perfect spot to propose. An hour went by full of fun and a lot of pictures.

The idea was that during the photoshoot jasper would call us. He would then pretend that he was the next cosplayer who was invited, but that he was ‘too early’. When we had answered the phone we asked the girls if they would like to go take some pictures with the Deadpool cosplayer. Denise had no clue who the Deadpool cosplayer was when he arrived. So, we immediately asked them to take some pictures together first. After a few photos the Deadpool mask came off and she saw her boyfriend Jasper. Fastly, he grabbed his personalised ring box and asked her to marry him. After the complete shock, she said with the greatest enthusiasm: ‘’ýes’’

It was a beautiful proposal with an even better answer. After taking some proposal photo’s we from Heroes Dutch Comic Con gave them a small engagement present. We gave them VIP weekend ticket for the edition in June 2021. Then they could visit the event for the first time as an engaged couple in style.

When the day was over the engaged couple went to the KFC. Just so that they could have the feeling of still going out for dinner to celebrate it. At the end of the day, it did not matter where they celebrated as long as they were together.

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