Winner annoucement of the Fantastic Stories Competition

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Every edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con we organize a great writing competition in collaboration with “The American Bookcenter”. We organized a competition for our spring 2020 edition with the theme “games”. We have received some great stories from which it was difficult to choose but now it is really high time to announce the winner!

The theme for this competition was Games. From Settlers of Catan to Fortnite, from Quidditch to The Hunger Games, games and play are inextricably linked to our lives and humanity as a whole. Games are therefore an inexhaustible source of inspiration for fantastic stories. 

We were looking for original stories in which Games play an important role. From futuristic sports competitions on distant planets to political games in a fantasy world with dragons. Did you surprise the jury with a story in which you playfully give your own twist to the theme Games.

At HDCC online will we announce the winner of the Fantastic Story Contest in collaboration with The American Bookcenter. 

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