Dungeons and dragons at HDCC Online

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The fantasy RPG Dungeons and Dragons comes to HDCC Online. A real Dungeon Master guides you through his world of the game and shows us all the relevant info, facts, and wisdom you need to play this game.

Go on an adventure with the Dungeon master and his teammates!

Most people know this game Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), which makes the game with its many various editions, one of the most played games in the world.
During this program element you will be guided thru D&D by a real Dungeons master. Do you want to know more about this epic game? Join us and get to know how to play and master this game quickly. Our master will lead his fellow players through the story with a self-chosen character. Learn to make strategic decisions by throwing the dice to reach the end goal!

In collaboration with the American Bookcenter will show you the world of this epic game! Don’t miss out and buy your ticket to become part of this.

Curious about the other program items? Take a look at our program page. 

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Online Shopping Time

HDCC Online is not complete without our amazing exhibitors. So we cleared parts of the schedule so that you have enough time in between the programme to buy all your favourite merchandise and goodies.

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