Active Heroes


Take part in many active workshops like swordfighting and K-pop dancing!


K-Pop Dance workshops

The workshops are held by K-pop fans who love to share their passion for dance! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been a professional dancer or someone who has never danced in their life, everyone can partake in these workshops! During the workshops you’ll learn part of the choreography from a famous K-pop song. Since choreographies are an important part of K-pop, these workshops are a must for K-pop fans!

Work on your lightsaber skills
Force Academy

This is the school to learn you how to fight with a lightsaber! The Force Academy gives lightsaber fans the opportunity to fully master fighting with a lightsaber. Everyone is welcome: age, experience and posture are not relevant!

The Force Academy will be giving workshops during Dutch Comic Con in dueling with lightsabers. It is one of the most fun sports to participle in and it is good for your body and selfconfidence! It isn’t always easy, but you will develop in power, flexibility, flow and pride.

May The Force be with you!

Kendo & Naginata workshop

Sakura-Kai has been present at Heroes Dutch Comic Con for many years now, and this year will be no different. They practice the martial arts sports Kendo (“way of the sword”) and Naginata. In these workshops they’ll introduce you to both of these types of martial arts. Besides the workshops, they’ll also demonstrate a few competitions.

Zwaard & Steen workshop

Have you always wondered what it would be like to fight with a sword? Come visit the people of Zwaard & Steen. These enthusiastic people practice the sport known as HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) and they would love to tell you everything you would want to know about fighting with medieval weapons like the longsword.

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