Crowd Canvas

Crowd Canvas Area

Visit the Crowd Canvas Area with a lot of fun activities! Paint along on the Crowd Canva and be part of this huge artwork. In honour of the 10th edition, the theme of the Crowd Canvas is dedicated to Friendship & Memories. The artwork is created together with our visitors. Painter along and finish this beautiful artwork together. Have you painted along to the Crowd Canvas on previous editions? Maybe you can find yourself on the Wall of Fame and look at the previous artworks at the Crowd Canvas Expo in honour of the 10th edition. Also join the Comics Drawing Workshop and learn how comics and comics are made or join the HDCC-Bingo.

Crowd Canvas

The Crowd Canvas is an unique art project that everyone can work on. This year the Crowd Canvas is all about Friendship & Memories. Together with other visitors you will work on the two large canvases of 2x3m. Thanks to your creative input, the artwork will be ready at the end of the weekend. Join painting with us is free of charge


Take a pen to Heroes Dutch Comic Con to fulfil your bingo card and have a chance to win a little prize! Can you find everything shown on the bingo card at HDCC? 

You’ll get the HDCC bingo card for free at the entrance of the event. You can hand in the full cards and if you don’t have a fake bingo you will win a prize. Both the bingo cards and prizes will be available while stocks lasts.

Comic Drawing Workshop

How are comics actually made? You will learn the answer in this Comic Drawing walk-in workshop. With fun new drawing assignments you’ll grab your zen moment and start drawing. Who knows, you might even get started with your own comic book one day! Participation in the Comic Drawing workshop is free of charge.

Crowd Canvas Expo

We are proud to present all previous HDCC Crowd Canvases at the Crowd Canvas Expo, where all the canvases can be seen together for the first time. And not only that, also the painters who have worked on all the canvases from previous years can be seen on a wall of fame board. Can you find yourself?

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