"There you are!" - Amuro from gundam

Bandai and Side7 introduce the popular Gundam Plastic Model Kits (Gunpla) from Japan. Gundam is a popular manga/anime series where the main character controls a giant robot named Gundam, in a war-torn world. The Gundam franchise started in 1979 and this year celebrates its 40th anniversary of the GunPla series.

Because of this special occasion, Bandai and Side7 are organizing a workshop for visitors during Heroes Dutch Comic Con. In addition, there will also be some exclusive limited-edition Gunpla kits for sale that are only available on this convention. More information about the limited edition kits will be announced on the Facebook page of Side 7. 

What is GunPla?

GunPla is an abbreviation for Gundam Plastic model kits. These are construction sets that contain models from the manga/anime series of the same name. With a long range of Gundam and other Mobile Suit designs, there is always a model that appeals to you.

Would you like to know more about GunPla? Visit the Side 7 stand and participate in a free workshop. There are free demo kits are available, which is the perfect introduction to experience it for yourself. Coaches are present during the workshop to guide you through your first GunPla build. They give you tips & tricks to make your first GunPla build as smooth as possible. Keep in mind that the demo kits have limited availability, so  be there on time so you won’t miss this great opportunity!

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