"There you are!" - Amuro from gundam

Bandai S.A.S and Side7 are bringing you the popular Gundam Plastic Model Kits ( Gunpla ) from Japan. Gundam is a popular manga ( comic book ) / anime ( cartoon animation ) series that revolves around a war-torn world and follows the protagonist piloting a giant mechanized robot called “Gundam”. The Gundam franchise started in 1979 and it is having its 40th anniversary this year. 

With this special occasion, Bandai and Side7 will hold a workshop for the visitors of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Besides that, they will sell some exclusive limited edition Gunpla kits that won’t be available outside this convention. More information about the limited edition kits will be posted on the Side7 Facebook page.

Visit their stand in the Gaming hall so they can introduce you to the wonderful world of Gunpla. 


Participate in Gunpla workshops

Don’t know what Gunpla is or how to get started? No problem! This workshop will teach you how to build your first GunplaOur well-versed builders will guide you in building your first kit. Visitors who attend the workshop will receive their first Gunpla kit for free! The free of charge Gunpla kit has a limited stock, so don’t miss out on it! We also have something special for our veteran builders.

We will also host a speed build contest, the winner of this contest goes home with a great prize! This contest is free to enter but has limited spots available. The prize is sponsored by Bandai, Side7 and Heroes Dutch Comic Con.


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