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One Shot: Intro to Dungeons & Dragons

Have you always wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons, but still haven’t? Then join this workshop! We have your tabletop, your dice and a few premade characters ready for you. We introduce you to the world’s best role-playing game quickly and easily; we dissect the character sheet and core mechanics in a seamless experience while playing. No previous knowledge of the rules required!

Please note; player spots are only for beginners. Audience spots are for everyone!


How to become a Dungeon Master

Crazy about D&D? Do you want to scale up from character building to world building? Want to know why anyone who has played the game or has a basic understanding of the mechanics can run an awesome session?

A Dungeon Master will tell you how he handled his first prep and first session and you’ll get simple tips, tricks and hacks to make prepping and multitasking easy and super fun. You also get the chance to experience trading as a Dungeon Master by means of: simple prompts that mimic role-playing and combat situations. You will leave this workshop with the necessary insights to make your start stress-free! Come and conquer the Dungeon Master throne once and for all!


Pokemon card collecting - tips & tricks | Hosted by NWTV.nl

Do you want to know everything about saving Pokémon cards? How do you start a collection, what should you pay attention to, which cards are valuable and how does trading cards work? Then join this session and dive into the world of Pokémon TCG together with NWTV.nl.


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