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DCC College
Cosplayer Lucidbelle has been making her own cosplay costumes since 2015. During the previous edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con you could see her in the Cosplay Contest where she won the prize for Best Costume. At the DCC College and on the booth of ELCFX she will undergo a new transformation in collaboration with ELCFX. She will be transformed into an Orc: this will be a character of an American fantasy film “legends of Rhye” that ELCFX is still working on in Utah Arizona. Also a large part of the Orc make-up will be done at the DCC College.

On the ELCFX booth
On the booth a ‘walker’ (The Walking Dead) special make-up will be done at Sven the Belgian Walker. He is known from many Fox International events for The Walking Dead.
The Orc film special make-up is a special make-up that takes a lot of time, up to 4 or 5 hours and we will start as soon as the exhibition floor is open, so the visitors can already watch how this is done.


DCC College
Sven, the Belgian walker (The Walking Dead) gets the special make-up of a ‘walker’.
At the DCC College ELCFX shows a special effect on Cosplayer Kimberley Roll of a throat that will be cut, so you can also see how the blood spurts out of the vein.
Then we let the walker (Sven) loose on her to feed himself. The walker (Sven) will grab her belly and will start with an aperitif from her intestines.

On the ELCFX booth:
ELCFX special make-up will put special make-up on Sunday November 23 at Mads Peenen, the look-a-like of Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead (Chandler Riggs), think of Carl’s wounded eye. Mads van Peenen has been cosplaying Carl for a number of years.


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