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Participate in attitude holland's creative workshops

The collaboration between Attitude Holland and Heroes Dutch Comic Con is full of creativity and love for the visitors. At the stand of Attitude Holland you can shop, chill out and participate in creative workshops. For example, you can learn to walk on bouncers and make buttons, super hero mask and cosplay wigs.

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Workshop jumping stilts

Take your chance to try out those super cool jumping stilts during the Jumping stilts workshop. The present crew will help you with the stilts and they will answer all your questions.

Time schedule: 
Saturday: 10.00 – 14.00 & 15.00 – 18.00
Sunday: 10.00 – 14.00 & 15.00 – 18.00

super hero masks workshop by alana & melissa

Alana and Melissa are sisters who have been cosplaying together for more than 10 years. They make all their costumes themselves and use different materials for this. One of these is EVA foam, a material that is now very popular in the cosplay world. In this workshop you learn the basics of working with EVA foam and with this knowledge we will design and make your own super hero mask.

* For superheroes of all ages, but under 10 years old under the supervision of a parent / guardian.

Time schedule: 
Saturday: None
Sunday: 12.00 – 14.00 & 15.00 – 17.00

Button making workshop by Coco

Have you always wanted to draw your own button? You can! Coco Ouwerkerk gives workshops button making. During this workship you will learn how to make a button and what you should pay attention to. After that you can design your own button and have it printed with or without glitter. There are pencils and color pencils. It is recommended to also bring your own drawing stuff. See you there!

Time schedule: 
Saturday 12.00 – 14.00 & 15.00 – 17.00
Sunday: 12.00 – 14.00


horns workshop by Jane Nevermore

Jane Nevermore is an alternative clothing and jewelry designer who started making bespoke items from fabric and studs at a young age … Demon or Devil, Moose or Maleficent, In this workshop you can make your own unique set of horns, all materials and tools are available, just bring your own creativity!

Time schedule: 
Saturday: 12.00 – 14.00 & 15.00 – 17.00
Sunday: 15.00 – 17.00