Cosmobotic + Seapanda Mako


Cosmobotic + Seapanda Mako

Cosmobotic is an American artist working as a tattooer in the Netherlands.
You can find her love of pop surrealism and anime apparent in all the work she creates, from tattoos to illustrations and designs, to paintings and so on.
Cosmobotic runs an anime themed tattoo studio in Den Haag with her colleague Dr. Visser. Here you can find a colorful interior, manga reading corner, and a workspace filled to the brim with local art. The team at Itai tattoo work hard to keep it a safe LGBTQA+ space, where people feel comfortable during their appointments.
Mako is also a Tattoo artist at Itai, specializing in handpoke tattoos. Mako enjoys making buttons, keychains, and other cute merch for all their favorite fandoms, their love of kawaii stuff and jokes present in all their work!

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