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Magic O Metal: THE way to share your passion for metal-music with children.

Metal usually carries an amount of raw power, adreneline and in their lyrics take on subject that are less suited for children. That doesn’t make it an easy thing to share with kids. But metal also offers an healthy tension, creativity, great music and fantastic artwork. These elements open a world full of magic for the youth and a source of inspiration that you don’t really want to keep away from kids.
Magic O Metal takes all these good qualities and brings it together in a grand adventure. Children will be carried into a story where (their) creativity, perseverance and metal music are the main points of focus. With a concept album, a book and even a Magic O Metal guitar it’s possible to share metal with your kids in the best way possible.
Magic O Metal shows that playing an instrument, singing, drawing or writing can lead to true magic. The listeners and readers will take part of the story and will eventually be challenge to collaborate in future adventures of Magic O Metal.
This way, we aim to stimulate children to follow their dreams, pick up an instrument or stay creative in another way. And as an added bonus, it would be fantastic to give new life to metal with a new generation of metal-heroes!
Metal, a passion that we all share, lives on in the world of Magic O Metal.
Are you ready to go on an adventure with your family?

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