I’m Saskia, the lady behind Yellie from Rebelyells Design!
Rebelyell’s design is my illustrative outlet! I sell a variety of prints, key chains, stickers, pins & goodies. I also take commissions. Some of my work is inspired by the 80s, pop culture, fan art, but also by my tattoo work.

Besides Rebelyells Design I run a tattoo shop (Rebelyells Bodyart) where I focus on black&grey tattoos in neo-traditional, illustrative style. At the beginning of 2020 I set up Rebelyells Design. At that time, my tattoo shop was closed due to the first covid lockdown, so I had to be resourceful and come up with something to generate an income.

Then I opened my Etsy shop and started selling artwork I made during the lockdown. I really liked this and after the lockdown I continued to design and illustrate for Rebelyells Design. I taught myself to make stickers and looked up how to make pins and key rings. Slowly but surely, I got into making cute stickers and also offered pet portrait commissions.

I can honestly say that this is a very welcome change from my tattoo work. Every day I am so grateful that I can draw and illustrate the best things and also inspired by the things I really love. (Anime, games, toys and animals)
So follow me here, on social media, to see how Rebelyells and I develop and grow!
– x-
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