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Sankta BV

Sankta BV

Welcome to Sankta Collectibles!

Sankta is an online store that originated from a friendship between two collectors, Lawrens & Thomas, with a passion for films, series, games and all related merchandise.

With Sankta we want to offer the difference in what we consider important, namely creativity, fun, involvement and customer focus. This way we want to ensure that you can get products from your favorite films, series and games in the most optimal way and thus relive their most iconic scenes.

We are exclusively an online store, but at Facts we would like to get to know you personally. Be sure to come and discover us!

Licenses we sell include Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter and many more! Both well-known and lesser-known licenses.

Whether you’re looking for the latest statue or the tiniest action figure, at Sankta Collectibles we’re all collectors.

Sankta, where your favorite world never stops!

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