StickyLock BV

StickyLock BV

StickyLock BV

StickyLock Games is a privately owned indie game developer- and publisher based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They have been developing software for 20 years, with a focus on Gaming, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

They are the publisher of Woven and Sanity of Morris. At this moment they are working on their first big title: Histera.

Histera is a multiplayer first-person shooter that takes place in multiple simulated eras and moments in history as well as in the future. It is possible for players to run around in high-tech armor fighting a rebel uprising, or stomp around in primitive clothes with improvised weapons and fighting a rival tribe. Experience vastly different surroundings, outfits and weapons that will force you to change tactics and resources. The game will also include several unique never-before-seen features, competitive e-sports style gameplay and an amazing level-editor option for all players.

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