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On a quest for fantasy books? Or do you prefer horror or science fiction? For exciting worlds and beautiful stories written by Dutch authors you visit the stand of publishing companies Zilverspoor and Zilverbron. You can find the publisher in the dealer hall with a stand lager than ever. Of course, as tradition, the authors will be present for book signing.


Cocky van Dijk

Cocky van Dijk has been busy with books and literature all her life. Apart from being an author, she and her husband manage publishing companies Zilverspoor and Zilverbron. Cocky has been a judge on several writing competitions, such as Fantastels, the Harland awards and the Fantastic Stories competition organised by the American Book Centre. When she was working for Magic tales, she organised and judged her own writing competition in collaboration with Luitingh Fantasy. Cocky also writes plays, which have been published by Toneeluitgeverij Vink and are performed in all of the Netherlands. They’re even available for purchase in Germany.


J. Sharpe

J. Sharpe – a pseudonym for Joris van Leeuwen (1986) – has written various mysterious thrillers and fantasy books, as well as multiple thrilling short stories. His work has often been compared to that of authors like Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Peter Straub. He is known for mixing different genres and his thrillers often contain horror, sci fi and fantasy elements. Gebroken geheugen was on the shortlist of the Hebban awards and received an honourable mention. Eden was on the shortlist of the Bastaard awards.


Peter DeWillis

Peter van Roermund works as a creator and teacher for several theatre and movie schools, a profession that allows him to tell a lot of different stories. On a very normal day, a few characters just entered his mind and stayed there. Their stories are now told in the successful series De Boeken van Terra Fabula, which Van Roermund writes under the pseudonym Peter DeWillis. Under the pseudonym Gustaaf Glibber, Van Roermund has started a new series of adventures with Griezel & Co. He wonders when the characters of both series will visit each other…


Gaby Raaijmakers

At the age of nine, Gaby Raaijmakers moved to an old house in Belgium, where there was plenty of inspiration for many stories. In her books, the color of your eyes determines who you are and what is your status.


Mathijs Hulster

His fascination for old cultures forms the basis for his stories and novels; as well as the ancient mystery called ‘Evil’ and the gift of mankind to rise above themselves and to achieve superhuman performances.


Dianne Arentsen

What if you are not safe? What if every movement you make is being watched? What if there is an enemy who knows more about you than you know about yourself? Read all about it in ‘Het patroon’.


Kim ten Tusscher

Kim amassed lots of fans with the Lilith Trilogy and Hunter & Prey. These stories are told in an extensive world wherein good and evil are not always easy to distinguish. Blood is the first part of Tales of Downfall, a stand-alone series that continues where the Lilith Trilogy stopped.


Johan Lubbers

A cometh contains the building blocks of the universe. These words where the start of a magical system and a fantastical story Doctors of the State. In Faded Glory Johan dives into the far past with a magical story about messages from ancestors and ancient temples.

HDCC19W_Arliekevan Remmerden

Arlieke Boer

One of our debutants is Arlieke Boer. That she is of all trades can be read in her first story: Asquil, A Long Journey. She designed the cover herself. Asquil tells about Enyria, the main character, who is searching for herself. A beautiful roman in which Arlieke spears her characters nothing.


Robert Bijman

Robert Bijman has been writing passionately the adventure series of Tom and Shantea for more than ten years. It has become a voyage of discovery into an ancient history of deep-sea people, genetically linked to us and the alien Anu-Naqi people. His fourth book will see its debut at HDCC.


Mathias Maho

After a proposal from his circle of friends, Mathias decided to give in to an old passion: writing. As the years passed, this was expressed in poems or lyrics. At the age of twenty-one, Mathias started the foundation of what would later become Riders of the Night, a dark and exciting fantasy debut.


Olivier Sted

Olivier Sted is creating stories all of his life. But not only he writes fantasy and magical realism. He also writes non-fiction, columns and every now and then a poem. He doesn’t do grocery lists. That he does from memory. The Mountain Builders of Metis Bidenk is wonderful 80’s fantasy in a 2D world.


Kirsten Groot

Kirsten Groot always loved languages and stories. In particular myths and folklore. For the love of this she studied Japan Studies. In Shirareta Sekai she uses this as a source of inspiration for a story full of magic and self-exploration. Her debut will first go on sale at the Dutch Comic Con.


Anaïd Haen & Django Mathijsen

Django and Anaïd write in all genres: from children's books to science journalism and thrillers to romance. But what they love most is to think about the changes that await us and write stories about them that lead to an insight, a smile or a tear. In the Dutch language they have won the Grote Brugse Boekhandel Fantasy Award, the Unleash Award four times, the NCSF prize twice and Trek Sagae four times. Eleven pieces, coincidentally also Anaid's favourite number.


Charlotte M. Baas

Charlotte M. Baas allows herself to be guided and dragged by the characters during writing, making it a surprise for her as well how the story develops. Desire is therefore a debut in which you can let yourself be carried away. Desire is for lovers of Anne Rise's books.


Sebastiaan Koen

Gruesome and fantastical stories have always fascinated Sebastiaan. This is reflected in his own stories. Each character will suffer. The enemy is everywhere.


Tycho Scholten

Tycho is the youngest author of Zilverspoor and he is very talented. His debut will be released at Castlefest:’Pangea part 1, Verloren wereld’.


Ian Laverman

His books will drag you along on epic adventures in ‘De Kronieken van Magie’. Gamers will feel perfectly at home in this extensive world.


Salomon Corlyn

Sam Kornalijnlijper once started Dragon Flight as a short story for his beloved. The story became bigger and bigger and took shape until it grew into a magical and epic debut.

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