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Heroes Dutch Comic Con is the biggest comic con of the Netherlands and takes place twice a year in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Fans of films, series, comics, gaming, esports, cosplay and merchandise come to this event to experience the unique atmosphere and have lots of fun while sharing their fandoms. 

Having 40.000+ visitors per edition and an online reach of over 350.000 dedicated enthusiasts per edition, Heroes Dutch Comic Con is a great way to reach your target audience in a unique and effective way. Step into the worlds of three fans and experience the real HDCC feeling. Surely, there is no better way to convince you!

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Our halls

Dealer Hall
The Dealer Hall is one of the most popular halls of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. This hall is completely filled with exhibitors who offer all kinds of products related to many fandoms. Visitors can choose from a wide range of comics, collectables, action figures, T-shirts and much more. During the weekend, thousands of visitors walk trough the Dealer Hall to buy their favourite items.
Experience Hall
The name of this hall actually says it all, everything here is dedicated to create a unique experience. These halls are ideal for companies that are looking for a prominent place to display their products or services. For example a number of the biggest film studios attend and present their newest films and series in the Experience Hall. The Experience Hall is also home to the Artist Alley and the Comics Area, where many talented people come together to share and sell their work.
Entertainment Hall
Every edition, famous (Hollywood) actors are invited, so fans can meet them during Heroes Dutch Comic Con! Think of actors from popular films & series, such as Harry Potter, Stranger Things, Riverdale, Once Upon a Time, Star Wars etc. In the Entertainment Hall, fans can take a picture with these guests in the photo booth, chat or get a signature in the Guest Square or even participate in a Meet & Greet. In addition, there is the Main Stage in the Entertainment Hall, where all special guest have Q&A’s and where the cosplay competitions are held.
Gaming Hall
The needs of the gaming community are served in the Gaming Hall. There are several brands showing their newest (hardware) products, while publishers challenge visitors to play their newest releases in the Gaming Hall. Several professional esport players will play the finals on the Gaming Stage and visitors have the opportunity to ask their questions to a special guest from the gaming scene.

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