Funko on Wheels: a Funko for every fan
Funko on wheels

Funko on Wheels: a Funko for every fan

The name Funko on Wheels has meaning for us. We eventually want to get a truck to carry and Sell Funko Pop! products. Our own Funko truck! Hence our name: Funko on Wheels.



Funko on Wheels? Where does this come from? We are happy to tell our story what our plans are with Funko on Wheels.

I am a fan of Funko Pops myself! Together with many others I went looking for specific Funko Pops!. There weren’t that many physical stores and the ones I was looking for often had to be ordered from abroad. That could be different! But then a good name… the most obvious one was already taken.

I also regularly visited markets, conferences and Food Truck festivals. That’s where the idea came of a Funko truck. I already saw it completely before me with the bright colors, nice details and being able to display it very easily and beautifully. Funko on Wheels is born!

But besides the goal, we also want to be known for something by the Funatics, collectors and Funko Pop! enthusiasts. Namely:

Transparent service
We want to be as transparent as possible about ordering, delivery and status of your order. We try to bring all developments to your mailbox as soon as possible.

Durable and well packaged
We are collectors of Funko Pop!s ourselves and know that the box is just as important as the Funko Pop! yourself. That is why we pack everything extra protectively.

A competitive price
We are happy to offer a competitive and realistic price. We believe that every fan can buy a Funko.

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