Crazy about gaming? Visit the Gaming Area!
Meet an international voice actor, keep up to date with the latest game releases and discover all the ins & outs of the most popular games. If you like a challenge, tune in during the gaming quiz and you might win awesome prices!


Boardgame showcase

Are you a fan of board games?

Then you should definitely keep an eye on this showcase in which we discuss a well-known board game.

More coming soon.


Dungeons and Dragons

Are you a Dungeons & Dragons player, a real Dungeon master or would you like to immerse yourself in the world of Dungeons & Dragons?

Let ourselves be guided by the Dungeon Master who takes us on his adventure.


HDCC escaperoom

Are you a real escape room fan? We have a very nice offer for you. Play the one and only Dutch Comic Con escape room with your friends for € 3.50
Do you accept the challenge ?! You will find more information by news. 


Gaming panel

During HDCC Online several (bord)games in a certain genre or concerning a certain subject will be discussed by selected panel including a few professionals in the gaming industry. You will discover who will be in this panel very soon!



Online is not only about watching a screen, but also about interaction! Are you an intergalactic hero in an escape room and do you always have the key to victory within you? Are you already familiar with online escape rooms? Accept the challenge and join all the other comic con fans of the online event in this escape room and maybe you will be the big winner!


Breaking news

Which boardgames and online games are about to be released and which ones should you really check out? You discover that here within a short period of time!

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7:50 PM

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Boardgame panel




Coming soon


Dungeons and Dragons panel


Q&A - Voice actor


Coming soon


Pay attention; all program items and times are currently without prejudice.


Q&A Voice Actor

During this Q&A we ask a famous voice actor to give it their all. Together with our host you determine the course of the conversation, ask your questions in the chat box and who knows, we might deal with your pressing question during this virtual Q&A date.

Soon we will announce our first guest…


Quiz time

Keep your nerves under controle during the quiz in the gaming area.

Are you a gaming hero and are you on top of all the latest news? Then make sure you are there! Take on the challenge with other Dutch Comic Con fans and who knows, you might be the big winner!


Gaming Toernooi

For the die-hard gamers among us who dare to compete, there is a real competition on the schedule.

Are you a Rocket League player, keep an eye on our socials and website.
Registrations will start soon!


A special online event requires also a special program. During the online event there will be one main stage and 7 areas with their own unique programming and purpose to give you the best online experience. Click on one of the stages below to see the program of that particular stage.


Immerse yourself in the stars and moons of movies and series. Meet live guests during several masterclasses, panels and Q&A’s with the stars of today and in the next galaxy.


Discover what games will be released and you should not miss. Show your skills and join the battle with fellow gamers during a gaming contest or interact with several professional gamers.

Voice Actors

Enter the world of cosplay and participate in the contest through your social media account, follow masterclasses or listen to interviews and panels with the great cosplayers this universe knows.


6:00 PM Start

6:20 PM Boardgame panel

6:50 PM Shopping

7:00 PM Quiz

7:40 PM Commercial

7:50 PM Coming soon

8:20 PM Coming soon

8:30 PM Shopping time 

8:40 PM Dungeons & Dragons videogame panel

9:20 PM Commercial

9:30 PM Q&A Voice actor 

10:00 PM Shopping time

10:10 PM Coming soon

10:20 PM Coming soon

10:50 PM Coming soon

Pay attention; all program items and times are currently without prejudice.