Fanclubs in the spotlight: WizardWear

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Slowly but surely is Heroes Dutch Comic Con getting closer to its new edition. In these turbulent times, we received a lot of support from our visitors, Fanclubs, and participants. We would like to return this favour by putting our amazing community in the spotlight on #appreciationwednesday. Today, we would like to put a Fanclub at our event in the spotlight, namely the Harry Potter fan club: Wizard wear. In this article, you could find out who they are and their history with Heroes Dutch Comic Con.

Wizard wear is a fan club that started in 2012 as a small online forum. More than eight years later they have grown to be a fully-fledged Fanclub throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. At this Fanclub, they are focused on everything regarding the ‘’Wizarding world of Harry Potter’’. They are specialised in costumes, props, and replicas of this amazing book and film series.

Now is the club mainly active online on Facebook, Instagram, and Discord. Nevertheless, it was not always solely online. For instance, for many years they were present at Heroes Dutch Comic Con. At their busy stand, they always had the best discussions about these books and movies. Besides the good conversations, fans could also taste Bertie Bott’s Beans, vote for their houses, and take a picture at their photobooth. This were all made possible by the order of Merlin; The team that organises everything surrounding Wizard Wear.

With such a rich history of fun stands, they are looking forward to appearing at Heroes Dutch Comic Con and seeing all Harry Potter fans again!

Do you also like to join the Order of Merlin? Then you need to comply with some requirements. These requirements could be found on their website:

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