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Parking and Traveling

Heroes Dutch Comic Con takes place at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Jaarbeursplein 15
3521 AM Utrecht

  – P&R locations Utrecht
If you travel by car we advise you to use one of the several affordable P+R locations, located around the city of Utrecht. A combination ticket for parking and the public transport to Utrecht Central Station will cost €5,00 per day for 5 persons. Utrecht Central station is located next to Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

The P+R locations are parking facility from where several city buses take you directly to the city center. This keeps the city center as car free as possible, while providing visitors with affordable parking locations and an easy trip to the center of the city.

We recommend one of these three P+R locations:
P+R Westraven  
P+R Papendorp
P+R Uithof

  – Park near the venue
Jaarbeurs Utrecht has a number of car parks (P2 & P4). Please find more information here. 

Jaarbeurs Utrecht is located next to Utrecht Central Station, making Dutch Comic Con very easy to reach by bus or train. From the Central Station, follow the signs that read ‘Jaarbeursplein’. It is a five-minute walk to the venue of the Jaarbeurs. Plan your trip here!

Preview Night

The Preview Night is a special evening just for you, our dedicated fans of Heroes Dutch Comic Con! It’s a night where we want to give back to the community that has supported us so passionately. On Friday, June 21st, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to explore a part of the event before the crowds arrive. It’s a chance to shop for your favorite merchandise in peace, discover some of the event’s highlights, and enjoy a special Friday-only program filled with the best of pop culture.

Imagine a night where you can leisurely stroll through the dealer hall, chatting with your favorite vendors and discovering unique items. Then, head to the main stage for a one-of-a-kind program featuring music, Q&A sessions, cosplay showcases, and more. The outdoor area will also be open, with plenty of fun activities, food trucks, and live music. It’s all in celebration of the 10th anniversary of our event, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

The Preview Night runs from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Ticket scanning will start no earlier than 60 minutes before the event begins.

Yes, there will be special guests, but we’ll keep their identities and formats a surprise for now. Keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest updates on the program.

A single ticket for the Preview Night is € 12.95. Check our ticket page for the most up-to-date prices and combi-tickets available.

Yes, there will be a cloakroom open on Friday night. Get locker via:

Ticket scanning will open no earlier than an hour before the event starts. Stay tuned to our website and social media for the latest updates.

About the event

Heroes Dutch Comic Con is the largest Comic Con in the Netherlands. An entertaining event full of experiences where you’ll find everything related to movies, series, comics, cosplay, games, superheroes, fantasy/science fiction and anime in form of activities, shows, panels, fanclubs, workshops and merchandise.

You can even meet and take a photo with a lot of special guests such as famous Hollywood actors from movies and series or the comic artists behind superheroes comics like Captain America, Spiderman, The Hulk and so on.

Read more about Heroes Dutch Comic Con


Heroes Dutch Comic Con takes place at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Jaarbeursplein 15
3521 AM Utrecht

Heroes Dutch Comic Con is open from:
Friday Preview Night 18:00 – 22:00
Saturday 10:00 – 18:00.
Sunday 10:00 – 18:00.

VIP ticket holders have early access and are allowed to enter the exhibition floor at 9:00 am.

Yes you can! There are dressing rooms available here you can complete your outfit.

Yes, there is! This is arranged from the Jaarbeurs, which means there are costs involved. You can have your bag and coat hang in this wardrobe. You can only pay by pin!

At most booths you can best pay in cash (this depends on the exhibitor). You can withdraw cash in the corridor of the Jaarbeurs. Please note that there may be a queue here.

The venue Jaarbeurs is pin only! For catering and wardrobe it is pin only.

Yes, you can! Read everything about being a volunteer and subscribe. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Cosplay is a shortened form of two words ‘costume’ and ‘play’. It is a performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character. Cosplay costumes are often based on comics, manga, anime, cartoons, video games, movies and tv-series.

You’re absolutely free to wear whatever you want! Sure, we find it super fun to see you as a fan fully dressed as your favorite superhero, but just wear the things which are most comfortable for you.

Most cosplayers would love to pose for or with you. Please do ask them first, and always be respectful. 

Heroes Dutch Comic Con is an all-age convention. All costumes must include a proper amount of skin coverage for public display, as we will have children present. When in doubt please contact Hype Creations via or via their social media channels.

Yes you can! There are dressing rooms available here you can complete your outfit.

You can participate in both the Cosplay Catwalk as the Cosplay Catwalk. Do keep in mind that if you do, your Heroes Dutch Comic Con experience will revolve mostly around cosplay. 

We will let you know if you’ve made it into Cosplay Contest or Catwalk as timely as possible. As we get a lot of registrations this may take a little while. However, should you think something went wrong, please send us an email via 

After registration you’ll receive a small bag including a drink and a snack.


During the Early Bird ticket sale you can purchase your Heroes Dutch Comic Con entrance ticket for a reduced price. Early bird tickets are only available for a certain period of time. 

A Regular ticket is a ticket for the regular price. 

The Last Minute tickets are the very last tickets available and are sold at a slightly higher price.

A Family ticket includes two regular adult tickets and two youth tickets (6 to 12 years) for a reduced price. 

For the biggest fans we are offering a VIP ticket. This ticket includes the following:
– Early entree (from 9 o’clock)
– Access to VIP lounge (including snacks and drinks)
– Goodiebag 
– Reserved seats at the main stage (front rows!)
– Reserved seats in the cinema
– Fast lane for the photobooth (please note that a photobooth ticket is not included)
– Fast lane for the guest square 

Children from 0 till 5 years can enter the event for free, but do have to purchase a Kids ticket in the ticketshop. 

Children from 6 till 12 years can buy a Youth ticket, which is a ticket for a reduced price especially for younger children. 

Children must always be supervised by an adult with an Adult ticket (13+), therefore they cannot buy an ticket on their own.
Would you like to add a Kids of Youth ticket to your order? That’s possible! Please contact Paylogic on 0900 72956442 or visit their website.
Tickets can then be added to the existing order.

Please contact the customer service of Paylogic, they will help you with personalizing your tickets.

For this edition we make use of sending out the tickets later in order to prevent resale and fraud. You will receive your ticket(s) 1 week before the event.

You can go to Heroes Dutch Comic Con from the age of 13.

When you have purchased a ticket via paylogic, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. After this you will receive your tickets. Take these printed or on your phone to Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Your ticket will be scanned at the entrance.

That is possible untill 1 week before the show. Please contact Paylogic. In the last week (or if it’s sold out earlier) it is not possible to change your ticket.

No, the photobooth ticket is only a ticket to take a photo with a Special Guest. You still have to purchase an entrance ticket. 
Same for gaming tickets, these tickets are only to participate in the esports tournaments.

You can visit their customer service on their website for online services. 

Via this link you can resent your tickets.

It is not possible to sell your tickets yet. When the late tickets are sold out you will be able to.

Special guests

Yes you can, in the photobooth there you have the opportunity to make a professional photo with your favourite actor/actress. A photobooth ticket provides access to the Photobooth. The price of a Photobooth ticket differs with each actor. The photo is taken and you walk out again and at the exit you immediately get a printed version of your photo of our photographers. Everything is included in the price.

The photobooth is a space where the Special guest can take a picture with you.

You can purchase a signature at our Guest Square. Here the Special Guest are sitting between their photo boothsessions and Q&A’s to welcome you. So you buy them on the spot and there is no possibility of buying them on forehand.

Yes, you have to pay in cash to get an autograph in the Guest Square. 

In a Q&A you get the chance to ask your favorite actor / actress or artist something you always wanted to know. For example, whether it is very hot in the suit of Chewbacca? How does Sean Gunn feel about working for his brother?

A Meet & Greet is an unique chance to meet your favorite Special Guest in real life. A maximum of 20 people can participate in the exclusive session, which will take half an hour.  During the session you can ask the guest your burning questions. 

It is not possible to cancel your entrance ticket due to a canceled special guest. You can resell your ticket through the resale platform – 


This is permitted for personal use and as long as it is not used for commercial purposes or is present in large quantities.

Yes, the entrance gates are wide enough for wheelchairs, as well as the queues of the photobooth and guest square.

There is also a wheelchair area in front of the Main Stage.