Community in the spotlight: Heroes Dutch comic could not be explained in one sentence


This week we would like to highlight someone from our community and in this article, Amanda Meijer will be in the spotlight. In this article, you are able to read more about her experiences at Dutch Comic Con and what she is looking forward to most of the event. Do you agree with Amanda? Tell us on social media!

The first time Amanda went to Heroes Dutch Comic Con was as a birthday present from her sister. The reason her sister bought a ticket was because Amanda’s idol was attending Heroes Dutch Comic Con: The Pink Stylist. When Amanda walked around in the Jaarbeurs filled with cosplayers and geeks, it was so unlike anything she had ever seen before. After exploring the convention for a while, she spotted the pink stylist. She quickly went to tell him that he was her idol and that she would like to take a picture with him. His reaction was something she could never have expected. He was sweet and considerate to her. “It was the best birthday present she could have given me.”

After visiting many editions, Amanda has made numerous friends at the event, she cosplayed many characters and has seen a lot of different things at the convention. For the upcoming edition, she mainly looks forward to meeting new friends and to see old friends. She is very excited to be able to cosplay again, she already had her cosplay ready before corona started. She will visit the convention with her sister as two characters of my hero academia.

Finally, we asked her to explain Heroes Dutch Comic Con to people who do not know the event. 

“It can’t be explained in one sentence, it is just so much fun, and you make a lot of friends when you go there. ”

Follow Amanda via Instagram on @ElisabethVonVamp.

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