Side7 workshop at Heroes Dutch Comic Con


 Ever wondered what a Gundam Plastic (Gunpla for short) Modelkit is all about? Side7 returns on the Heroes Dutch Comic Con show floor and so is their Let’s Build Workshop! It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned builder or have never ever even touched a model kit before, the Let’s Build Workshop is for everyone. 

The Side7 events team is available to answer all your questions, Side7 will help you throughout all building steps and advanced airbrush techniques. Don’t forget that you will be sharing the workshop with other fans of Gunpla, so tips and ideas can definitely be shared as you are building away.

The newest addition to the workshop is airbrushing. Recently added to Side7 collection is the GPaint airbrush paint series. Wherever possible, Side7 will be setting up airbrush stations to show you the ins and outs of airbrushing at our workshops. Many feel painting is a daunting next step, so Side7 will try to lower that barrier for you. 

So, where do you sign up, and what do you need to take along? The answer is very simple, just visit the Side7 booth at Heroes Dutch Comic Con and talk with one of the Side7 staff members. No sign-ups are needed. Although a model kit would be needed to start building….you’re in luck, they’ve got you covered! Special intro kits are waiting for you free of charge (disclaimer: as long as stocks last). If you want to bring your own model kit, then that’s perfectly okay as well.

Get your tickets to visit Side7 at Heroes Dutch Comic Con!

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