Experienced comic and animation artist Dave “The Reverend’’ Johnson present at Heroes Dutch Comic Con

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Over more than 25 year is the American Dave Johnson a well-know person in the world of comics and animation. He worked for diverse publishers and titles. For DC Comics he worked on Superman: Red Son, R.E.B.E.L.S and Wonder Woman. His covers for the Punisher, Batman and The Flash made him popular with his comic book fans, but Marvel Comic’s fans will know him from his work for Deadpool. In 2002 Johnson got an Eisner-award for ‘best cover artist’ thanks to his cover for Vertigo’s 100 Bullets. 

Also as an animator Johnson had great successes. He was one of the co-creator of the popular Cartoon Network Studio’s Ben 10. For DC he worked on animation series as Batman Beyond, Justice League en Justice League Beyond. He was also part of animation team of the Black Dynamite and Marvel’s miniseries Black Panther. 

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All hands on deck!

House of Wax Entertainment attends every edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con with a super cool experience for our visitors. Each time with a different theme, specially made for the event.

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