Comic Artist CAFU present at Heroes Dutch Comic Con

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The Spanish CAFU is the third comic artist to be present on both days of the event.

CAFU started his comic-career at a very young age resulting in having a large number of works on his name. He started his professional career at DC Comics with various pages for Manhunter #30. A few years later, he got the opportunity to produce the miniseries Vixen: Return of the Lion,  which he worked on together with Santi Arcas. The duo sticked together for more years and worked on several parts of Captain Atom. After CAFU signed an exclusive contract for DC Comics, he launched the popular Vixen: Return of the Lion, in cooperation with writer Nick Spencer. He also worked on the comic Blackhawks.

CAFU is not working exclusively for DC Comics anymore at the moment which leads to Marvel Comics and Valiant being able to make use of his work and skills as well. His most recent work for Valiant is his beloved series Life and Death of Toyo Harada for which Joshua Dysart wrote the scripts. 

You now have the possibility of meeting CAFU, asking him questions, getting his autograph and buying an exclusive artwork made by CAFU himself!


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