Overwatch-voice-over: Jonny Cruz at Heroes Dutch Comic Con.

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Jonny Cruz, the voice-over of Lúcio – a popular character of the Overwatch game – is visiting Heroes Dutch Comic Con on the 23rd and 24th of November.

The American Jonny Cruz is namely recognised as the voice behind the excentric character Lúcio in Blizzard Entertainments first-person shooter game Overwatch. With his dreadlocks and rollerblades, Lúcio has a unique image and is loved by gamers as well as cosplayers. After his success with Overwatch, Cruz rejoined the role with the Blizzard Entertainment-crossover of the game, Heroes of the Storm.

Next to Overwatch, Cruz took another role with his voice in the game world. This time, he starred in the stealthgame Hitman, where he was the voice over of Jordan Cross, one of the subjects of Agent 47, the main character of the game. Cruz even had an appearance in the shooter game Ghost Recon: Wildlands and action-adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2.

In 2011 Jonny decided to debut in the producing and acting world. He became producer of the action/comedy Small Timers. Jonny can be seen in several roles in popular tv-shows: NCIS, General Hospital and Prison Break. He will soon appear in the Netflix animation-series: Seis Manos, which is about 3 orphans in a fictional Mexican city who are trained to become succesful in Chinese Fighting. The series will air later this year.

Visitors now how the opportunity to meet Jonny during an exclusive Meet & Greet session or taking pictures with him in a photobooth. Tickets are now available in our ticket shop.

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