Check out the latest HDCC merchandise, with temporary free shipping!

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The frosty Winter weather is starting to disappear while the sun slowly starts to show its’ marks again. This means it’s time for a brand new merchandise collection! Make sure to get those summer feelings and purchase the new HDCC merchandise summer collection right now while you can profit from free shipping! 

During the previous Winter Edition, the new merchandise collection had been launched. You had the opportunity to make your HDCC adventure even cooler with the new high quality sweaters, awesome shirts and cool caps!

Next to the items that were released in the winter, the HDCC merchandise collection will be filled with new items, such as different hoodies, t-shirts with exclusive prints and even new colours. Have a look at the new summer t-shirts or the new army-print sweaters for the breezy summer nights. Even the awesome snapback cap has returned to the collection. Enjoy this cap in the sun, or while keeping out of it. 

You can even expect new patches and pins to upgrade your backpacks or jackets in a short amount of time. 

Don’t miss out on the great (temporary) opportunity, as you can get your items to your home adress without any shipping costs (Counts for articles from 15€,- until the 10th of April)! Check out the new Heroes Dutch Comic Con merchandise collection in our webshop now! 


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