Join the HDCC ThuisPubQuiz from the 23rd till 31st of May

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As announced Wednesday you can join the ThuisPubQuiz, starting today from 7pm! Hopefully you have already gathered your opponents to compete with. We hereby share the information with you on how you can participate. 

Will you be playing between Saturday evening May 23rd and May 31st, 23.59pm? Then you have a chance to win one of the following prizes!
– A Motorola g8 power
– Cool Disney goodiebags

Here’s how you can win one of the prizes:
– Take a nice picture of how you and friends are participating in the ThuisPubQuiz online! For example, play the quiz in cosplay with your friends. Share this photo and tag @dutchcomiccon and @thuispubquiz.
– Among all participants we will raffle some Disney goodie-bags.
– The person who shares the most original photo wins the grand prize: a Motorola g8 power.

Short game explanation + rules
– Gather together online. Make sure you are online with your group of friends in a chat program like Zoom, Houseparty, Skype, Hangouts etc. and start the ThuisPubQuiz.

What do you need?
You need pen and paper to wirte down the correct answers. 

– The ThuisPubQuiz can be found here: 

ThuisPubQuiz website:

The pub quiz consists of six rounds of 10 questions each round. Write down your answers in e.g. e-mail or Word, so that you can easily share them afterwards. Or on a piece of paper, to share it with the person next to you.

– Correct answers
After each round, the correct answers will be given and you can give your paper with answers to someone else to check them. Are you playing the quiz online? Then write your answers in Word, take a picture and send it in whatsapp or send an e-mail to one of your opponents. The score will be mentioned in the podcast per question.

Each player can use one joker. How you use it, is up to you. Could be by raising your hand or by waving with a cosplay gag… come up with something creative! You can only use your joker before a round starts. In that round, your points will count double. This can only be done once, and only if stated in advance.

The winner is the person with the most points. There is, including joker, a maximum of 70 points which can be earned.

Phones are out of the question during the quiz. This is unfortunately uncontrollable, but make sure within the group of friends that you keep it honest, sporty and therefore fun. 

Pause whenever you want.
You can pause the podcast whenever you want, for example to grab a drink.
If you want some more explanation you can also watch the video below.

Heroes Dutch Comic Con wishes you lots of fun while playing this pub quiz!


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