10 cool activities to do at home

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Despite the upcoming easing of the quarantine era, we still have to stay home for a while. To stay busy for a few more weeks, we have made a top 10 of cool activities to do at home!

Activity 1: Read the whole Griezelbus series again

Were you, just like us, also a fan of the Griezelbus book series by Paul van Loon? Then grab the series, take a seat in the sunshine and relive the stories of your younger years!

Activity 2: Watch cosplay tutorials

Although most of you are probably still busy with new cosplay outfits, it might be fun to discover new ways of working on your cosplay via YouTube tutorials! Watch some videos below:

Activity 3: Discover new games!

Gaming is also a popular aspect of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Many tournaments are organized and cosplayers also love the characters of various games. Test out League of Legends or check out some OVerwatch gameplay. Maybe the new Call of Duty Warzone is something you might like?

Activity 4: Re-arrange your room.

All those nice room decorations on Pinterest, so cool. How fun is it to completely redecorate your room? Hang your (DCC) posters in a different place, put your Funko Pops on a different locker and move your bed to the other side of the room. A fresh look and a fresh feeling!

Activity 5: Learn a new language.

If you want to try a fun way of learning a language through an app, now is the time. And we’re not talking about the unique Sims language, no we’re talking about real languages. How is your French? Je ne comprends pas!

Activity 6: Give your social media channels a new look. 

Do you love structure and do you find designing challenging? Give your social media channel a new look. Add highlights to your Instagram, change your biography on Facebook or show your followers your new look on Twitter!

Activity 7: Become a Photoshop master in a few days.

Nowadays, Photoshop is a must-have. Discover the power of Photoshop and master the funniest tips and tricks of the amazing program. Watch one of these videos for the best tips:

Activity 8: Make a Heroes Dutch Comic Con bucketlist.

 Even though HDCC has been postponed, there must be things you haven’t done yet! Perhaps you would like to buy something in the Dealer Hall or play a game against an esporter. Maybe you’d like to have your picture taken with one of the Special Guests? Write it down and tick everything off at the Anniversary edition.

Activity 9: Make a Photo collage.

Make a photo collage of your photos from HDCC or beyond of course! What could be more fun than reliving your memories? Especially in this era 😀

Activity 10: Check out all Heroes Dutch Comic Con aftermovies.

Immerse yourself in the story of Heroes Dutch Comic Con and watch how the editions have been transformed into the ultimate experience! Check out the first ever Heroes Dutch Comic Con aftermovie with the one and only Lando Calrissian below!

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