Cosplay tips and tricks by the community

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Two weeks ago we asked you to give tips & tricks for beginning cosplayers. With a big group of great comments, tips and motivating words, we made a nice summary. Sit back and see if your tips & tricks are in there!

Tip 1) Start with the basics

The first useful tip that came along was the following: “You won’t need to purchase the most expensive and best equipment to be able to make good cosplay. Instead, u can get very far with carton, some paint and a hot glue gun.”

Tip 2) Represent your favourite character

Someone added: “Make sure to cosplay the character you feel passionate about, even if this character had been cosplayed for more than 100 times. Passion makes you create unique cosplays!” Cosplaying your favourite character is not only extra motivating, but you also know all the details of his/her costume and how she/he behaves! Fun guaranteed.

Tip 3) Make your unique character

Another experienced cosplayer stated the following: “If you’re going to cosplay a character, don’t be afraid to have a result that looks nothing like the character you tried to cosplay. Make your own edition, just make sure to keep it full of respect. This means no cultural appropriation.”

Tip 4) Brick by brick, step by step

“I’m a beginning cosplayer and my tip would be: Start simple. My first cosplay was Desmond Miles! This outfit was put together with a white hoodie, a pair of jeans and black shoes with in addition, an apple or Eden. An Eden is practically a golden ball. It doesn’t have to be difficult.” Keep it calm cosplayers. Making cosplays is a difficult process, and so will your start be. Keep it simple. 

Tip 5) Re-use

Support recycling- and local stores and start your cosplaying career. You can be a cosplayer with a small budget. Creativity is more important than quantity in this situation. Someone commented the following: “I’m not cosplaying for a long time yet, however, recycling stores are a hit if you’re stuck on your budget!”. 

Tip 6) Never too old to learn! 

You are never too old to learn. Everyone can get better at what they’re doing. Make sure to sign in for lessons and discover new ways of working on your cosplay!”. “I know it sounds stupid, but I signed up for a sewing course.” 

Are you curious to find some more cosplay tips? Take a look at our instagram post with all the tips & tricks in the comments! 

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