Exhibitors in the Spotlights – Part 7


During HDCC, there is plenty of opportunity to buy all kinds of collectibles. Who doesn’t leave the Jaarbeurs Utrecht with a bag full of great items, that you’ve been waiting to buy all year? This is all made possible by our exhibitors. Fortunately, it doesn’t end at what they sell during HDCC; you can visit their webshops throughout the entire year. Recently, we launched a new initiative, where we put a couple of our exhibitors in the spotlight. They have some great deals, exclusively for you! So don’t forget to check out our newspage for the next weeks.

Signs of the Times is a family run business, recently relocated to the Netherlands from the UK. They sell a wide range of metal wall plaques with an emphasis on movies, bands comics and popular culture. You can now get this adorable Snoopy sign for only €7. Hang it on your wall and it will remind your everyday what it means to be the perfect friend. 

This is Eef and Eef draws things! She creates all kinds of prints from Critical Role, Dragon Age, Zelda and more. Between 2016 and 2018 she made a drawing every single day (that’s 1096 drawings!). She compiled them all into a nice booklet, including all the lessons she has learned and her advice to other artists who might want to try daily drawing. Do you want to get inspired by her book? Use code “DCCDAILIES” for free shipping!

Find your beloved FUNKO POP in the online store of POPpular toys. You can now get a sweet discount on almost their entire collection, so go and find the one that is still missing from your collection!

My Comic Shop is the place to be for all comic lovers, enthusiasts and collectors! The online store is run by two comic book collectors from the Netherlands and Belgium. They only sell second hand comics and even have entire collections. Today, they have a unique item for you: Fantastic Four Vol. 1 Issue #53 from 1961 (!), including the first appearance of Klaw, T’Chaka, and vibranium.

For Ever is a lighthearted LGBT+ fantasy book with dragons and princesses and magical swords! 🌈 The book is also illustrated beautifully. EverAfterPrint consists of a writer and an artist who love telling LGBT+ stories. Fantasy, paranormal or contemporary… they’re not picky! You can also find prints, buttons, pins and more on their webshop. Will they see you there?

This is Marlou (a.k.a Amduscia) and she paints hyper-, photorealistic paintings of videogames, movies or horror characters. She sells these as originals or prints. She also streams her art on TwitchShe painted this Xenomorph last year with gouache, after finding an old drawing from 2008. She has always been very fascinated by the amount of detail in the design. This print is made on high quality 260 grams glossy photopaper. Would you like some hyperrealistic art on your wall? Or are you curious to find out how she paints? Contact her through her website!

Welcome to the realm of Skarbog! Here you will find creatures, witches, angels and other magical beings! Stroll between bookmarks, prints and cards. The original artworks are mostly painted with ink, watercolours or pastel. They now have a great discount on bookmarks for the true bookworms. 

If your are a fan of comics, Strippgaaff has a very special deal for you. They offer exclusive shopping appointments in their warehouse. You will have the warehouse with more than 10.000 comics entirely to yourself. Surely, you can stroll around for ages, looking for that one comic! Go to their website and make an appointment, exclusively for you!

Curious to what other exhibitors have already joined HDCC 2020 winter edition? You can find it here

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