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Olivier Richters

Last week we had an interview with Olivier Richters also known as: ‘’The Dutch Giant’’. His documentary “Big dreams. Olivier to Hollywood’’ was released on November 4th. In this documentary, you can get to see the life of the 2 meter 18 tall Olivier, whose life slowly changes to The Dutch Giant who is known as a famous actor in Hollywood.

Where it all started
Olivier is not a stranger to Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Namely, before his fame, he was a regular visitor. However, the edition in 2018 changed his life when he began to talk with Spencer Wilding. Spencer Wilding is known for its role as Darth Vader in Star Wars. Olivier intended to ask him for tips about making it in Amerika. Nevertheless, the conversation took a different turn, because Spencer was so enthusiastic about Olivier that he requested that Olivier send his portfolio to him. Olivier was doubtful in the beginning, because he did not want them to be competitors of each other. Nevertheless, when he accepted the offer Olivier got the role in Ravers, because of Spencer. Additionally, after his role in Ravers, he found his first film agent, which made it possible to audition for the film ‘’The Kings Man’’. This became his first role in a motion picture film.

Competition on the set
When a director wants a long, blond, blue-eyed actress in his film then there are directly 200 females who apply to the role. However, the list in the category of tall actors is a bit shorter. Other tall male actors are Martyn Ford, Spencer Wilding, and Ian Whyte. Olivier is convinced that before the auditions the director already knows if his unique appearance will be suitable for the role. This created that at the beginning of his career he was solely casted for supporting roles in films. Nevertheless, his dream is that he wants to focus more on larger roles with more lines.

Feeling of pride
His acting career was not something which came easy. The thing where Olivier feels the most pride  of is that he never quitted. Namely, it took him two years before he got his first film agent who believed in his potential. His second pride is his role in Black Widow. When landing this role his dream became a reality of playing in a Marvel movie.

The biggest role models in the movie world
We asked Olivier who his biggest example was in the movie world. ‘’ There are three of them’’ He answered enthusiastically. The first role model was Richard Kiel, known for his role in James Bond. The second role model he mentioned was Arnold Schwarzenegger because just like him he entered the movie world being a bodybuilder. The third role model is Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘’The Rock’’. The reason why he is a role model for Olivier is that he started in the wrestling scene and is now proclaimed to Best Actor of the World.

Work- acting balance
Olivier has besides his acting achievements a healthy online supermarket named “Muscle Meat’’. He believes it is a large advantage that additional to his acting career he also has an online supermarket. Since the company already existed five years before his acting career started it feels less harmful to leave his company when taking an acting job. Nevertheless, there are strict rules for coming to castings in America in the first place, because casting directors solely talk to agencies. So, without an agent, it will be impossible to do an audition. To add a bit of difficulty to that the agent only gets paid when the actor gets a role. For this reason, it is extremely hard to get an agent. When you got yourself an agent the best way to start with your acting career is to just do it. He then said: ‘’ six films in one year is the best school that you could follow’’. 

Nutrition and exercise
In the documentary, Oliver says: ‘’ You need to be prepared every day as if it is the most important casting of your life’’. For this reason, in the first corona lockdown, Oliver continued sporting as ever before. While he saw all his friends stop sporting in this period. Despite this Oliver did not give up. He says: ‘’ Bodybuilding is not a skill you need to practise. It is a way of living.’’ He then told us that you need to practise at least two muscle groups every day for at least an hour. After the workout, you need to give your muscles time to rest. To grow muscle, it is not important how often you train but how well you can listen to your body.

Tips for aspiring actors

  1. Assess if you actually like acting. Do this by first starting with figurant roles and then try to see if it fits with you and if you are not camera shy.
  2. Make sure to have an elaborate portfolio. You could even add photos of figurant roles, because the most important is that you could show something at your auditions.
  3. Apply to as many casting agencies as possible. Do this to increase your chances of getting in.
  4. Be critical of yourself and try to find validation of professionals if you are a good actor.
  5. If you would like to make it internationally than make sure you find an agent who believes in you. In America, if you are in contract with a smaller agency you cannot join larger castings. For this reason, you need to find a qualitative agency which is suitable for you.

Olivier keeps it a secret on what is on the planning for him. However, he did tell us that he is working on tree projects, which one of them has to do with Disney+

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