Heroes Dutch Comic Con cannot execute without volunteers – Community in the spotlight

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This week we want to highlight our volunteers. Heroes Dutch Comic Con cannot be executed without our volunteers. We have had an interview with Maud de Laat, Mad has been volunteering at Comic Con since the spring edition of 2018. Before starting as a volunteer, Maud attended Comic Con as a visitor. In this article you can read Maud’s experiences about volunteering at Heroes Dutch Comic Con and how you could become a volunteer. 

The winter edition of 2016 was Maud’s first Comic Con. “Big! The event is huge. It’s hard to explain, I thought it was very impressive. I was impressed by the cosplays made by others, everything there was to do, and all exhibitors present where you can buy the coolest things.” Was Maud’s reaction when we asked her about her first visit to Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Maud is a big movie and series fan, so she was thrilled to see so much of this at the event and to spot famous actors / actresses. 

In 2018 Maud decided to sign up as volunteer for Heroes Dutch Comic Con. A choice she makes every edition. For Maud, the mutual fun is the best part of being a volunteer. “It’s fantastic to be able to contribute to an event that I love so much. To be able to talk to fans of all kinds of different groups and to meet new people”. 

Maud’s best memory of Heroes Dutch Comic Con as a volunteer was the latest volunteer BBQ organized by the organization. “It was super cozy and fun, especially to be able to see everyone outside the event. You feel valued and part of the organization because of an initiative like this. As a visitor, meeting Marnix van den Broeke was my best memory.” 

Just like everyone else, Maud misses Heroes Dutch Comic Con a lot. She is therefore looking forward to attending the event again in November, Maud will definitely be present as volunteer.

Why you want to become a volunteer.

It’s super fun! The volunteers really become a regular club in which everyone is quickly included. You do more during the event and see the event from another side. It is also very different from when you go as a visitor, you walk around with a completely different felling, and you contribute to the event. Sign up via the link below and become part of the volunteers! 

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We proud to announce our first new special guest for Heroes Dutch Comic on November 20 and 21, 2021, Bonnie Wright!

Bonnie Wright (1991) is an English actress who became world famous thanks her role as Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter Movies. Ginny Weasley appeared in all Harry Potter movies and her character has grown bigger and bigger in each new movie. Initially Bonnie was only casted for a small scene in the first movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. But eventually Ginny Weasley became a regular character in the movies.

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