Watch the aftermovie and relive Heroes Dutch Comic Con


We want to share the latest after movie of Heroes Dutch Comic Con once again. Via this, we want you to relive this edition and look forward to the next edition in November!

Last winter edition in 2019, Heroes Dutch Comic Con welcomed no less than 40,000 visitors. With crazy games, fantastic cosplay outfits, enthusiastic Special Guests, new friendships, and an atmospherically filled Dealer Hall, there was plenty to experience.

Watch the aftermovie and relive the latest Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Get carried away in the story, watch the coolest elements of the event, or spot yourself and your friends. 

The aftermovie tells the story of Marcel, Anne Flore and Muriel and their journey to and on Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Sit down, put on your headphones and get carried away by the story.

Are you looking forward to the winter edition 2021? Get your tickets below for the following Heroes Dutch Comic Con edition in November!

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