Main Stage Host: Bas van Teylingen

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Bas van Teylingen will be one of the hosts on the Main Stage of Heroes Dutch Comic Con together with Brainpower. He will ask our guests all kinds of questions!

Bas van Teylingen (1974) is a real nerd/geek. His favorite movie is Back to the Future and that movie has inspired him to become a director himself as well. With success because he now has two Gouden Films to his name and was, among other things, director of Het Huis Anubis and Zoop. His arms are full of tattoos of Star Wars, Back to the Future, Transformers G1, Superman, Super Mario and Ready Player One.

Bas certainly hopes that one day he will be able to travel through time. He has a penchant for cars from movies and series and in particular K.I.T.T. from Knightrider and the Delorean from the three Back to the Future films. Oh yes, and all autoboots! Furthermore, Bas has been the voice of series from FOX since 2018. How nice is it when you, as a fanboy, can be heard every day on TV about your favourite series!

Together with Bardo Ellens, he has talked for more than a year about everything from the world of films, series, games and pop culture in the format Next Level Heroes on Youtube and Spotify. Bas also makes radio at Radio Veronica. Bas has been a loyal visitor of the Heroes Dutch Comic Cons for years. Finally a place where he can be completely himself!

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