Cosplay judge A.K. WIRRU

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The time has come to announce the second cosplay judge! 


“Hi I’m A.K. WIRRU. Cosplayer and workshop presenter from Sydney, Australia. I’m currently Canadian. I have cosplayed and competed for almost 15 years. Now I’m the World Cosplay Summit Champion 2019 and I travel around the world to hope to inspire everyone to do their best in their cosplays too. I also really like Dutch candies and herring. I can’t wait to eat them. See you all soon!”


Cosplayer A.K. WIRRU, who moved from Australia to Canada, is capable of making the most impressive cosplays from scratch! He is one of the cosplay judges who will judge the outfits at Heroes Dutch Comic Con. In 2019 he participated in the World Cosplay Summit, and won both the title of Grand Champion and Team Australia! 


On his Twitch channel he does live cosplay workshops and on his website you can find mini tutorials on various subjects regarding cosplay. On his website you can also find books and tutorials which you can use, after paying for them, for you own cosplays.


Besides cosplaying he is also very talented at figure skating!



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