Work up a sweat in the Active Heroes Area!

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During this edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con we have a new area in the Play Zone, the  Active Heroes area! 

People who have also been to Heroes Made in Asia this year, might already be familiar with this area and know what can activities can be found here. In this area you can participate in workshops that are all about being active. Examples are learning to fight with a sword or an amazing K-pop workshop.



Different workshops will take place in this area on both days. One of these workshops is a workshop sword fighting by Zwaard & Steen. They give lessons in medieval sword fighting with a longsword. 



One of the other workshops is by Sakura-Kai. They have been present at Heroes Dutch Comic Con for many years now, and this year will be no different. They practice the martial arts sports Kendo (“way of the sword”) and Naginata. In these workshops they’ll introduce you to both of these types of martial arts. Besides the workshops, they’ll also demonstrate a few competitions.


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