A lot of fun activities at the Crowd Canvas Area


Cartoonist and artist Rames Sjambar, creator of the Crowd Canvas, will make a new art piece for the upcoming edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con event. For the design of the canvas the artist is looking for the stories and memories of the fans. Their stories on friendship and the most beautiful encounters and memories they have had on former visits to their favourite  convention.

‘’The Crowd Canvas is an artwork created by many people. I set up a theme and the rules for the participants to make sure everybody can join in a creative way and have a great experience in co-creating to complete the artwork. At the end of the weekend the painting is finished with the input of the crowd.

For this special 10th edition I want to do something extra in creating the template fort he artwork. The theme is friendship and memories and I like to gather input on these topics coming from the fans. As artist I visit this great event since 2017 and I have met lots of beautiful people who come to paint every edition. But as said, it’s not about my story but the stories of the visitors. I will pick out the most beautiful of these stories and create the images out of them to present as the Crowd Canvas.’’, said Rames.

Also this edition the Crowd Canvas will be expanded with extra creative activities.
Like a comic drawing workshop where the visitors can experience to be a comic artist themselves.
And we will introduce the Heroes Dutch Comic Con Bingo with nice prizes to win. Than finally we also have the Crowd Canvas exhibition where all canvasses from former editions will be shown.

Comic Drawing will be during the whole weekend. Canvas painting starts on Saturday at 10:00 (9:00 for VIP early access tickets). Participation in all our activities is free!

Read more about the Crowd Canvas Area.

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