Fan Village


Are you a fan of a certain franchise, character, game, series or movie? Then you should definitely come and visit the Fan Village at Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Several fan clubs are waiting for you to share their passion with you. 


For the fan meet ups & shoots be sure to check out the schedule below!

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DAC Meet
13:00 - 13:30
 - Fan Village
Pirate Paradise
14:00 - 14:30
 - Fan Village
Arkham Aslym
15:00 - 15:30
 - Fan Village












Ghostbusters Dutch Division

It’s getting cold during HDCC this year, very cold! The Ghostbusters Dutch Division are back in action, fully in style with the latest film with all new props, a bigger and better booth that gives you a unique look at the firehouse, our headquarters! Come by and check if you are paranormally gifted at our ESP test!

Dutch Whovian Community

We are the Dutch Whovian Community. The place to be for fans of Doctor Who in the Netherlands. The series started in 1963 and after a hiatus was revived in 2005. This year we celebrate 60 years!

Take pics with a life-size TARDIS, take part in the poll, test your knowledge in the quizzes, and for kids we have fun stuff too. We are also mentioned by name on the season 20 official Blu-ray boxset. How’s that possible? Come by and find out!

The Dutch Grand Fleet

Wealth, Fame, Power, the world had it all won by one fan group. We are the Dutch Grand Fleet! As fans of the long running anime and manga, One Piece, we want to scour the oceans for fellow fans. We hold numerous events such as meet ups at conventions, photoshoots, crafting projects, and other fun activities. We started at abunai 2023 with a few one piece cosplayers and quickly grew to a big and active discord Community. We welcome old and new fans of the anime, live action, and video games to hoist the colors and join us on an adventure.

Jurassic Park Nederland

We are a cosplay and fan group of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, the group originated from a number of other groups and often met each other at various events and this gave rise to the idea of starting our own cosplay and fan group to do fun activities together. to organize, but with the Jurassic films as the main theme, such as Naturalis, the Prehistoric Museum and the various cinema films. This way we can also meet each other when there are no events. We are a relatively new club and hope to get to know new fans in this way who, like us, are (big) fans of the Jurassic Park and world films and everything surrounding them.

Club Weeb

Club Weeb: A Weeb’s Night Out!” is the very first and largest dance night in the Netherlands with exclusive focus on Japanese pop music and anime. Japanese culture a giant niche? No way, witness the genre’s unprecedented popularity in cinemas, vinyl racks and on the streets. Immerse yourself in a wonderful anime world full of J-pop, anime visuals, karaoke and bubble-tea cocktails.

At HDCC, we present our very own silent disco! We will bring a whole entourage, including a smoke machine, extravagant outfits and show lights. A complete package to go crazy for hours to Japanese pop music! Expect 2 days of familiar animetunes, Vocaloid beats, J-pop hits and iconic city pop. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Ado, Hatsune Miku, Mariya Takeuchi and Maximum the Hormone: you name it, we got it!

Cosplay Medics

Annoying huh, you’ve been working on that cosplay for weeks or even months, but then your horns break, your button jumps off your coat or your sword melts AT the convention. Don’t panic! Because this year we, the Cosplay Medics, are here to help cost-free cosplayers in need with these annoying situations.

We are a team of enthusiastic Medics who love to help other people. We ourselves have been cosplaying for a number of years so we have quite a bit of experience in sewing, armour builds and props. We will be at the convention all weekend and can be found behind our booth! We will be in cosplay behind the booth to help cosplayers, also for a nice chat we are definitely available! We have everything to help, safety pins, all kinds of glue, needle and 64 colors of thread and of course worbla and other thermoplastics for the necessary broken armours or props.

On Saturday and Sunday Starburn Cosplay and Doll Hunnybee Cosplay will help you with any repairs needed! And of course we have extra help so we have plenty of time for everyone!
Come by and we will help you! Because no one wants to be photographed with a broken cosplay.
The Cosplay Medics.

Dutch Anime Community

We are the Dutch Anime Community! With over 4000 members we are the largest anime community in the Netherlands. We’re gamers, artists, cosplayers, and love everything related to anime and manga!

We organize different events throughout the Netherlands, such as board game days or having a fun day at a theme park! Online, on Discord, we also play games and watch movies together!

Your passions are even better when you share them with friends!

Are you interested or do you want to learn more? Come visit our stand and play a game or find new friends at Dutch Comic Con!

The Flying Dutch

Live Long and Prosper!

The Flying Dutch (TFD) is an association that has been actively involved for 40 years in the legendary science fiction series Star Trek, which was first shown on TV in 1966. The TFD fan club was founded in 1984 and has since been the informative point of contact for everything related to Star Trek in the Netherlands. What started with meetings in attic rooms in the 1980s, the TFD grew into a large national association in the 1990s. With an active volunteer group, the TFD has been committed to promoting Star Trek for years. It publishes its own Dutch-language magazine several times a year, organizes meetings and visits trade fairs throughout the country.

The TFD has been around for 40 years this year, a great anniversary that we want to celebrate with you, so would you like to chat about Star Trek? Do you want to know more about the Flying Dutch? Become a member? Come to their stand at the Dutch Comic Con!


Sakura Kai was established in 1997 by a group of Utrecht students who trained with the Nami Kai budō foundation in Breda, in the south of the Netherlands. The society, named after the cherry blossom, symbolizing Japan’s beauty and transience, was founded to provide local training opportunities.

Initially focused on the naginata, a Japanese polearm, Sakura Kai later introduced kendo, the way of the sword. Both arts have ancient roots, developed further during Japan’s Edo period (1603-1868) when peace allowed for their codification.

Modern practitioners see budō as a path to self-improvement, emphasizing a healthy mind, body, and spirit. In 2017, Sakura Kai made its debut at Dutch Comic Con, offering demonstrations and workshops. One memorable moment involved a workshop interrupted by Jurassic Park cosplayers, including a ten-foot Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Subsequent events saw Sakura Kai collaborating with practitioners of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) for friendly duels and shared camaraderie. They continue to seek new enthusiasts to share their passion for martial arts.

We are hoping to find new people to share our passion for the martial arts with.

Dutch Arkham Asylum

Dutch Arkham Asylum started as a fan club which quickly grew into a large group of cosplayers with the same love for Batman and his vilians. Since 2019 this group has been taken over by 4 new enthusiastic

The purpose of our booth is to share our passion for DC comics, especially the Batman franchise, with the members of our group. Hereby we offer our members and all other interested parties a place to rest, to have a theme photo made and especially to make new contacts with friends and like-minded.

Dutch SCP Foundation

We are the Dutch SCP Foundation, a group of passionate cosplayers who want to bring the SCP Foundation to cons near you. Our sole purpose is to locate, confine, protect and study every anomaly that does not conform to the laws of physics and is beyond our understanding of the universe. But at HDCC our goal is to share this passion with anyone interested in becoming part of the Foundation. We operate in the dark so that you can live in the light. Join us in this extraordinary adventure.

Dutch Garrison

The Dutch Garrison is the Netherlands division of the 501st Legion – the global costume community that focuses on the ‘Bad Guys’ from Star Wars. We strive for realism, so our costumes look like they came straight from the source – whether it be the movie screen, the small screen, or the page. You can find us, in costume, at various kinds of events – from large conventions to small exhibitions. We are more well known, however, for supporting various charities, such as Make-A-Wish, Stichting Hartekind, Stichting Hoogvliegers and Pink Ribbon, to name but a couple. We are proud to use our time and resources to support these good causes, either by being there in person, or raising funds by other means. Together with the Dutch Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs and R2 builders, we look forward to meeting you at our stand and are happy to take pictures with all Star Wars fans.

Pirate Paradise

We are Pirate Paradise, a paradise for all pirates and pirate lovers. We have a large, active and a close-knit community, consisting of friendly people with many ambitions and dreams. Just like Luffy’s goal is to become “the king of the pirates”, we also have a goal of bringing the pirate community together so we can all become one big crew!

Whether you are a friend or foe, we don’t care. When you visit our stand you can learn everything about one piece TCG, help with the pirate tier list or are you there to collect your bounty from the treasure hunt? 🏴‍☠️

LPC - Productions

LPC – Doctor Who started as an idea for an actual film fan series on YouTube which evolved to the more feasible option of a single fan film. When covid hit we decided to convert to audio’s, which turned out to be the best decision we had made over the course of the entire production. The main goal stayed the same though. Produce a high quality fanmade Doctor Who project on the lowest budget possible. It started as a project by whovians for whovians but grew to a more diverse team which we retroactively introduced to Doctor Who. This ended up bringing a new fresh look onto the series, reinventing characters yet keeping that nostalgic touch from the long time fans. All in all; a passion project everyone is immensely proud of.

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