Have you got a picture with your Special Guest in the Photobooth? Make it even more special and get a signature on it! You can also bring your own items or choose from one of the free pictures. All actors will be doing signing sessions all day long, except when they are doing photoshoots, panels, meet & greets or having lunch breaks. Take a look at the time schedule below to find out when the special guests will be sitting in the Guests Square for signing sessions.

Please note that there are no presales for autographs. You’ll have to pay cash at the signing tables in the Guest Square.


1. Take a look at the time schedule when your favorite special guest is doing autographs

2. Go to the Guest Square during his / her signing sessions

3. Ask for an autograph

4. Pay for it then and there.

5. Enjoy it for the rest of your life

Good to know:

  • The price of a autograph differs per actor/actress.
  • Make sure you are present at least 5 minutes in advance.
  • Nothing to sign, but you want an autograph? Don’t worry! You can choose a picture of the actor/actress for free.
  • You are free to bring your own object to the autograph tables.
  • You are allowed to bring presents for the actors.
  • Make sure that it does not embarrass or upset the actor/actress.

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