Cosplay is a key element of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. You’ll experience this even before the event has started. Whether you are coming by car, train, bicycle, UFO or dragon, you’ll probably see and meet lots of cosplayers heading towards Heroes Dutch Comic Con.

Heroes Dutch Comic Con is one of the very few events where visitors are a major part of the programme just by visiting the event. Enjoy all the visitors dressed up as their favourite character or get entertained by the best national and international cosplayers during the Cosplay Contest or the Cosplay Catwalk at the Main Stage. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginning or experienced cosplayer, there’s something for everybody! Whether you are dressed up or not, you’ll have a great time at Heroes Dutch Comic Con anyway! 

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Hype Creations

Hype Creations is a company that works with convention organizers, help cosplayers and give workshops on the topic of crafting and SFX & Make-up.


Cosplayshop began as an upholstery shop in 1990, but has since expanded to sell craft materials for film, theater, cosplay, LARP, and other creative industries. You can find us in-store and online!

Dutch Garrison

Dutch Garrison

Dutch Garrison is part of the world wide Star Wars Costuming community the 501st Legion.